From Kirstin:

Just home from first infusion of Yervoy. I go back in three weeks, if I tolerate it. Chemo nurse was wonderful. Also got some decent pain and nausea control, which I'm glad for, because my leg threw a fit (no I don't mean a seizure) on the way home. My hope isn't on fire, but it's curious.


From Ann:

Had a call from my friend. She saw the specialist in her type of tumors. He thinks he can treat it with a medication which is specific for these. Will shrink them and keep her in remission.
Keep praying. She says thanks and feels the power bearing her up and strengthening her.


Posted by Gail at KNOW YOUR ITS:

A year old! Damien Chase - I don't know him. He does not know me. I am his Gram - the many facets of why this is so are heart wrenching at best. I heard he was sick - in the hospital even - needs surgery of varying kinds. The details are not shared. It's his Mom's birthday too this month. Her estrangement from me, us....breaks my heart. I keep a candle in every window - lit all year so she can find her way home. Please pray she finds her way home.



Syrian security forces continued to bombard the restive northern town of Jisr al-Shoughour on Saturday as people struggled to escape.

“Helicopters and tanks are bombing Jisr from all the sides and the situation is extremely miserable — they are even targeting cars carrying civilians and the wounded,” said Mohamed al-Abdo, a refugee hiding in the hills above town. He said he could hear the boom of explosions and the sound of helicopters, even from miles away.



A roadside bomb Saturday killed 15 Afghan civilians, including eight children, in Arghandab district in Kandahar province. The blast was one of a series of attacks across the country that killed at least 21 people in 24 hours, including a Western service member who died in the south.


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THE PRAYER LIST – 11TH. JUNE 2011 — 3 Comments

  1. I feel honor-bound to tell you all that a person I asked you to pray for, a lesbian blogger in Syria (who had “been arrested”), turned out to be a hoax (@sshole!)

    Please continue to pray for the people of Syria (and their *real* LGBTs).