1. Oh, that’s so wonderful.

    I would love a border collie but I’m too old and creaky now to give one the exercise and work opportunity he or she would need. But I have enormous admiration for them!

  2. Too right, it’s not a toy! Get it, Tess! Miss Xena works like this – rocks are her favorite enemies. She throws them in the air and chases them down. Tess, on the other hand, is queen of the anti Evil Zob forces.

  3. Shoulda named that pup “Joan Crawford”: No Wood Hangers!!!11one!!1!

    [Had to truly admire the “Gardener’s” fencing: I can think of several *cantaloupes* that would have survived to, um, adulthood, had we had such fencing when Sasha (OBM and Tailwags) was around…]

  4. All puppies are evil. In one week, ours chewed:
    A cushion to pieces, feathers everywhere. A corner out of the main sofa cushion, stuffing everywhere. 2 cables, 1 extension socket, 2 bin bags and content, 1 phone charger, 2 photos in their frames, 3 CDs in their cases, 1 DVD (from the library), bits of chair.

    Looking cute is the only way they survive and end up still being loved to pieces!