From Chris:

Back from the quacks. Got one of the nicer podiatrists and, while she said that the wound was "clean", she thought I should go on antibiotics just for safety's sake. So, back on the -cillins, amoxi- and flucloxi-. I seem to tolerate them well but I hope that they will prevent any bugs from gaining hold. Thanks for the prayers, everyone.



From Ann:

My friend got her biopsy report - looks like surgery - may not be cancer but can't tell yet. The tumors are taking her blood and making her anemic.


From Jim:

I so hate to type this. My right leg was healed for all of one day. It is now open below where the last wound was. The new open spot is about 2.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide and bleeding.

So back to the surgeon and probably the wound clinic. My gypsy fortune telling genes say another couple weeks in Una boot therapy (sigh).

Please pray for healing as the alternative is titanium.


Posted by Liz at FINDING LIFE HARD?:

And so it begins. I've had the standard rejection from the agent I approached with Novel 2.


Posted by Ormonde Plater at THROUGH THE DUST:

Murdered this week in the New Orleans area:
6/01 Robert Thomas 15
6/03 Melissa Jordan 37
6/07 Reginald Lucas 21

Please pray for the victims, their murderers, and their families.



Iran will shift its production of higher-grade uranium to an underground bunker and triple production capacity, it said on Wednesday in a defiant response to charges of trying to make atomic bombs.


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