Well, that's that then.

There's no way I'm going to survive now.

And they've stolen nigh on £60 from me.

The bastards!


THE BASTARDS! — 48 Comments

  1. Yesterday’s evening prayer has been listened to by more than 500 people so far. I’m doing a good thing and the revenue I was generating from the adverts had filled me with loads of enthusiasm this week. I could actually see a way of being able to continue this blog and St. Laika’s.

    But that’s all out the window now. I can’t get the donations above about £500 a month and that’s not enough to live on especially as we are going to have to start paying for accommodation very soon.

    Life is going to become very uncomfortable at home as my wife is going to start nagging me to get a job. Once I do that I will not have time to blog as a priest and so I will stop being a priest. They will have won.

  2. In a Pollyanna-ish moment (please bear with me; I don’t have them very often), I see that you can appeal this decision – and if you do, I am sure that many of us would support you if that would be any help whatsoever (OK, probably none…. re-entering default Eeyore-ish mode_.

  3. Jonathan, if you get a job you will still be a priest.
    I’ve never stopped having a non-priestly job. But I’m still a priest.

  4. What??????

    Oh, that’s just beyond horrible.

    Is there any other advertising scheme besides Google?

    Surely there is some appeal.

    I dearly hope I didn’t contribute to this being triggered. I have clicked on a number of ads but I was genuinely curious about them. One, in particular, I’ve bookmarked for further reference.

    Oh, I’m just dismayed beyond belief.

    (Just now read some other comments. Let’s appeal. Really. Maybe the person(s) who has/have been repeatedly clicking can have their IP addresses traced and then can be blocked.)

    Heck, I’ve been on other blogs where the blog owner has overtly encouraged people to click on the ads so there has to be some other ad opportunity than Google’s.

  5. Well that jogged my heart / mind / whatever. Donation just sent to help you convince loving wife that you are after all a priest doing priestly things, and that some, who don’t read the daily office with you, check in on you every day to see that you are about God’s work as well as your own madness. God bless you MP and all your little mad thoughts. You are loved more than you can know.

  6. May I personally say “thank you” to Mark? Yes, for your donation but also for your final sentence here.

    It would be nice if those of us in the U.S who support MadPriest could set up a 501(c)(3) organization for fund raising purposes. Are there any lawyers amongst us? My Center is such an organization but I’m hopeless at that sort of thing myself. I had a couple of legal folks working on it for me.

  7. I’m not appealing. It’s not fair on the advertisers or Google. If I won the appeal the trolls would only do it again. They do not want me to succeed.

  8. A kettle remains a kettle if you stick it in the attic and never use it. As I don’t have permission to officiate anywhere without my blog ministry I am a kettle in an attic.

  9. Jonathan!

    At least appeal long enough to find out exactly what it is about. It was probably a computerized trigger.

    Heck. I encourage people to use GoodSearch (as you know) for the benefit of the Center. And several times in the early days someone (maybe me) managed to trigger their computerized “suspicion” algorithm. I appealed each time, was reinstated each time and it hasn’t happened now for a couple of years at least. (In their reply to me they said it may have been just an over-enthusiastic supporter.) Also, once there was a glitch, obviously, in the monitoring program because almost every time I used Goodsearch, they would automatically cut me off. I just hung in there and eventually they found the bug and all has been well since. This sort of thing is VERY impersonal. You’re dealing with massive numbers of folks who use the Google ad scheme and sometimes something very innocent can trigger this kind of response.

  10. He never took my licence away. But when you are not employed by the Church you need permission to officiate from the diocesan bishop. He promised that in writing when he told me I was to be made redundant back in February 2010. But he has never sent it. I keep asking as does my friend the rural dean. In fact, I sent an email reminder yesterday. But still nothing.

  11. OK, wait a minute. You JUST started the advertising thing. This seems a bit of a glitch. I mean any potential blog out there could generate false business. Perhaps you simply have chosen a poor setting or something. Dammit, kick that fucking dog off your chest and appeal and see what can be done. You’re not scamming them for thousands of pounds…

  12. ALSO. I sincerely recommend taking a “no more Mr. Nice Guy” approach. You know who the trolls are. Block the damn IP addresses. This is your LIFE we are talking about and it is the primary faith community of a lot of us ne’er-do-wells who hang out here.

    Come on, MadPriest. We need you to FIGHT, damn it!

  13. He promised that in writing when he told me I was to be made redundant back in February 2010. But he has never sent it.

    I see. It’s so very wrong of him.

  14. 3 things in no particular order:

    Do not appeal. Have your solicitor do so.

    Have your solicitor demand (not request) the identity of the trolls if your suspicion is correct.

    Combine the resulting file with the letters sent to your wife’s job and file police reports!


  15. I think JimB certainly has some points. I think I would favor making an initial appeal first, however, just to find out what really triggered the shut down. Having worked with this sort of thing before (as I mentioned above), it could be something really quite benign.

    Find out if someone is really doing the repeated clicking thing. If so, then the legal approach seems to make some sense.

  16. Mimi. You know that there is only one thing in life that really scares me and that is Mrs MP. For a week she was happy. Now she is not. So I am not.

  17. How familiar is Mrs MadPriest with the ins and outs of the internet?

    Honestly, I’m getting a bit frustrated here. I really think there’s a strong chance that this might be easily remedied in that I have personally been through this sort of thing before with a business that depends on ads and that has been of benefit to my non-profit organization. It was not that hard to sort out.


  18. Jonathan — I am still seeing ads. Perhaps not so bad. But if the eidjits are trying to shut you off, do you have an e-mail address for those of us who LUV your ads?

  19. SusanKay, I think what you see here are not the Google ads that were generating some income for MadPriest (those truly have disappeared) but the free ads that he offered to participants in this community. Of course, the Amazon widget (only when we use it to order stuff) will still bring him a commission.

  20. At the risk of sounding slightly crass (but not meaning to at all) have you read the book of Job recently? He had good advice and bad advice thrown at him and hey even his wife told him to rennounce his God and die. (not that I am suggesting Mrs MP is that scary..) but COME ON MP!! stick to your guns, as people have said above you are loved, providing a service to hundreds, (if not more) and as you rightly say over at St Laikas, providing a true fresh expression of church. DON’T GIVE UP! The church needs people like you.
    with love from a fellow rebel
    red x

  21. A repost of the comment I left on the more recent thread about this:

    Dear members of the OCICBW community:

    I feel I really must own up to you all that it’s possible my activity triggered the shut down. Here is what I have sent to the Google people:

    Dear Google ad administrator:

    It has come to my attention that the ad account of Jonathan Hagger, owner of the blog entitled Of Course I Could Be Wrong, has been disabled due to invalid click activity.

    I am horrified by the thought that I may possibly have been responsible for this. I participate in several “click to donate” sites, as well as another blog, where readers are actually encouraged to click on ads with the knowledge that this will increase the charity’s income. I had no idea this was wrong. I can say sincerely that I was also curious about the ads and at least one I have bookmarked for further perusal and possible purchase.

    I like to shop online and I have actually made a number of purchases because of online ads.

    Please reconsider your decision regarding Mr. Hagger. I do sincerely promise that I will not visit any of the advertised sites in the future.

    Please feel free to contact me in any of the ways listed below:

    Ellen (Ellie) E. Finlay

    (Here I have listed all my personal contact information – phone numbers, work and home addresses – as well as my IP address)

  22. Hi,

    Today I discovered a new book. Find Eli Panser’s book called “The Filter Bubble”. It shows how the options that u request online can be and are manipulated.
    Jonathan, if u have500 people clicking on St. Laika’s, it’s a sure bet that 350 of them at least will not be going to church. I think that u have unknowingly set yourself up as competition for the C of E. which is the National church of England. Bet Big Brother(s) r watching…..

  23. If I remember correctly if you became a chaplain in a secular organisation the CofE would have to give you P.O
    since if they didn’t it would be considered to be a restraint of Trade particularly if there is no disciplary action held against you.
    I guess the same rules might apply even to a voluntary chaplain.
    Whether you want or can become a Chaplain is a different question of course!

  24. Chaplaincy jobs tend to be advertised subject to getting the diocesan bishop’s blessing. I expect the Church is exempt from trade laws but I also doubt that any bishop, including my former bishop, would stand in my way. There are certainly chaplaincy jobs I would apply for. I would be particularly interested in working in the mental health field of concern.