A red-haired boy burst into tears when hurtful Domino’s Pizza workers called him Ginger Kid on his receipt. Ross Wajgtknecht, 11, has endured bullying because of his hair and is horrified that staff at the fast food chain also poked fun at him.

He was at the takeaway with two pals and they all gave their full names when they ordered. When they collected their pizzas, his friends had their first names on their receipts – but Ross couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw "Ginger Kid" on his.

He said: “I was really sad. I get bullied at school about my hair but you don’t expect it from an adult.

Manager Pat Bennet said: “It was for the benefit of the person who took the order. It wasn’t meant to cause offence. I have apologised to the family over the phone and the member of staff concerned has written an apology to the boy. We will ensure nothing like this happens again.”



  1. Neither do I and it’s not something I’ve ever come across. In fact, I’m happy to believe that there was no maliciousness involved here. However, I definitely believe that the lad is teased at school as are all kids who are in the slightest bit different to the standard model.

  2. And another thing. If you link through to the original article you will see that the lad is a tough looking little bruiser and his dad is a builder. I very much doubt that he was that upset and the chances of him bursting into tears in front of his friends is extremely remote in my opinion.

  3. I got teased a bit in school but not too much. The overwhelming majority of the attention my hair garnered was very strongly positive. But we Americans have a very different attitude towards red hair – we redheads are usually seen as fiery and exotic.

    I wonder if the English don’t like red hair because it’s usually associated with the Scots and Irish, but really – as I understand it, the redheaded gene is Scandinavian in origin anyway. And what’s not to like about Vikings? 🙂

  4. I repeat, I’ve never come across any bigotry. Like you we see redheads as fiery and among us chauvinist pig English men they are regarded as being “good fun.”

  5. I don’t get the ginger thing, either.

    As we say here in the south, “Red on the head, best in bed.”

  6. That hateful word, w/ an “N”, an “I”, two “Gs”, an “E” and an “R”…

    “You gotta be a Ginger, to call another Ginger, ‘Ginger’!”


    As we say here in the south, “Red on the head, best in bed.”

    Huh. I’ve just heard the one about “Does the carpet match the drapes?” *LOL*

  7. Oh yeah, I’ve heard the “carpet/drapes” thing more than once. “Firecrotch” is another interesting one.

    There was a time (centuries ago, of course) when redheads were suspected of being witches. The red hair was theoretically one of the signs of the Devil’s favor or something like that.

    There’s also the “redheaded stepchild” thing, a category I happen to fit into. 🙂

    Some study a few years back indicated that, when undergoing surgery, we redheads need more anasthesia than blondes or brunettes. Why? Because we’re that f-ing hard, honey. Hahahahaha!!