The Archbishop of York has paid tribute to the Duke of Edinburgh ahead of his 90th birthday on Friday. Dr John Sentamu gave the formal response from the Lords Spiritual to the motion for a humble address in the House of Commons by David Cameron.

The Archbishop praised the Duke as “the embodiment of devotion, duty and loyalty in service to our country” and said he had been “a model to us all. I look with admiration and envy on his stamina and resilience."



  1. Well, you can be if you are an ardent royalist like me. I don’t think my American friends really understand the relationship between the English and their royalty or that our casual disrespect at the same time as great respect is no new thing but goes back into Anglo-Saxon times. But, if we didn’t have this strange relationship with the royal family we would be like the USA, complete with president. And that would be awful. We have enough problems with prime ministers and archbishops without having a “commander in chief” whose paid for his position of authority.

  2. I have felt for some time that the best thing about your system, and the great weakness of ours, is the split between the chief of government (England’s prime minister, America’s president) and head of State (England’s queen/king and America’s president.) It is difficult if not impossible to hold and do both jobs well at the same time without being tempted towards dictatorship.


  3. I don’t think I would want to change our system, Jim. But, if pushed, I would admit that the Irish have probably got it right although I would ban politicians from ever becoming the head of state. I think there should be an open election without any candidates. Everyone would just write down on their ballot papers who they wanted to be president/monarch (whatever) choosing from anybody in the world.

  4. Does he really say things that silly? I watched a PBS program about what it took to get the USA ready for a Royal visit which the itinerary included a visit to Colonial Williamsburg. There was a comment made to the effect that The Duke was rather unpredictable. Of course the comment was said with great tact and respect, and a twinkle in the eye.

  5. He is a racist bigot who happened to marry into the family. I think they keep him muzzled most of the time.

  6. His Grace reminds me of certain grandparents, uncles and aunts. You know the ones…the kin which you love and just wish they’d not open their mouths in public.

  7. Chelliah, Prince Phillip has a reputation for making unfortunate comments about – and to – those curiously-brown folks in uncivilized places (an example of the sort of expressions he might’ve used).

    Think of those people who tell someone that they are “a credit to your race,” and make it about ten-times more cringe-worthy.