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CHIT CHAT (15) — 15 Comments

  1. I think Jack Handy put it best when he suggested that to understand politics, you simply have to understand that it’s made up of the words “poli” — meaning “many” — and “tic(k)s” — meaning “blood sucking creatures.”

    I’ll also note that the problem with politicians is that they want to get into public office, and I’m convinced that people who want to get into public office rarely deserve it. (Conversely, those who might deserve it, don’t want it.)

  2. It must be said (and it might as well be said here) that no politician named Weiner should send pictures of his personal bits to anyone, EVER.

    WV: shypea The gentleman (?) in question would have been better off if he had been.

  3. So, why do male politicians seem to have this penchant for sending women pictures of themselves in underwear or snaps of their man boobs or their dangley bits on cell phones, Twitter, Facebook and emails?

    I don’t get it.

    WV: tawndri. Yup. It’s a bit tawdry for my liking, too

  4. I think that’s an American thing, Lisbeth. Our lot are more into spanking videos and posing nude on gay dating sites.

  5. Oh, MP, our politicians don’t pose nude on gay dating sites. Though they do occasionally hire young rentboys off the internet to “carry their luggage.”* Or they adopt “wide stances” in public toilets.

    * In fairness, I’m sure Mr. Reker’s sac(k) was handled aplenty.

  6. MP, it’s taken me ages to access your website. I don’t think my machine can cope very well with all the material on your new site. Politicians are necessary to representing society’s views. Bad politicians may let people down but the good ones make a difference.

  7. Yeah, Wot Chelliah Said. (I can’t imagine it on my dial-up as of a year ago)

    It’s not just male politicians or celebrities, Lizbeth. They’re just the ones that get caught.

    I admit, I’ve sent out a few pics to “prospectives”, that I might be embarrassed to see in public. Nothing obscene…but embarrassing? Ja.

  8. Oh, Jarred, don’t forget about the American politicians who hammer out laws against sending XXX rated emails to underage interns, then turn around and violate their own law. Har har!

  9. I have spoken with several of ours this passed week and they have all been perfectly delightful and difficult in equal measure. They are still human (in the main).

  10. Don’t have anything bad to say this week – our politicians in my state have passed a bill allowing undocumented young people to attend our state universities and colleges as residents, and the latest bill passed makes it illegal to discriminate against transgendered persons in our state. And the head politician, the governor, will sign them.

  11. I think I prefer Weiners (who are a little too proud of theirs) to politicians like Pete DeGraaf who liken rape to getting a flat tire.