This is Bubba-the-Cat, 

who lives a life of 
leisure with our 
lesbians friends, 
IT and BP. 

In cat terms, 
IT thinks that's 
probably Heaven.

Unfortunately, due to the heretical lifestyle of the human company he keeps, Bubba-the-Cat has been ejected from the Anglicat Communion by GAFCAT.

Bubba-the-Cat doesn't give a damn about this.

Here is a photograph of a GAFCAT moggie for comparison. As you can see, there isn't any. They're a different species, more closely related to the common garden slug than the King of the Beasts.



  1. The Gafcat moggie is indeed different. And it’s probably best to leave it there.

    I shall have to tell Bubba that his fame is now beyond facebook, widespread on the internet, and he is now admired worldwide.

    Being a cat, he expects nothing less.

  2. There’s a LOLCat in this position. The caption reads, “OMG, close the door!” Hilarious!

  3. Wait, I’m hearing no admiration for the admirable Bubba-the-Cat! I can’t let him read these comments….he’ll be crushed.

  4. Bubba the Cat is a striking example of feline beauty … absolutely magnificent. Certainly he is entitled to the adoration that his species so rightly expects. Long live Bubba, the Royal Feline!

  5. Bubba-the-Cat looks like he’s practically (in that second pic) BEGGING for Kat Aboos! [I mean, that belly: how you not scritch it—even at risk to your vulnerable hand-flesh? ;-X]

  6. Bubba is a beautiful cat and should receive all high praise!!

    High Praise be to Thee, Oh Bubba!

    And pay no attention to that Gafcat who appears to be doing I don’t know what all!!!!

  7. JCF, When Bubba assumes that position we call him Bubba-the-Slut because he just wants his belly rubbed.

    Still, he’s a good cat.

  8. @EHC: Or, “Damn! Knock next time!” 😀

    @IT: It’s one thing I admire most about cats. They’re complete, unrepentant sluts when they want lovin’ 🙂 Rather like some armadillos I know…