From Heather:

Excuse flippancy but could everyone please ask God to propel me into labour, like, ASAP? There's no relevant photo as I'm utterly unphotogenic at the moment.

No problem, Heather, we'll do that. We'll even help out with an artist's impression so the boys get an idea of what they are praying for you to be released from.



  1. Oh, my. The octomom’s belly.

    But then, SHE had a litter.

    I’ll say a special prayer for you, Heather. In the meantime, just ignore MadPriest. (Otherwise, you’ll just encourage him…)

  2. … and thank you God that I don’t have a bump that big! Well, not quite. But then (as far as the scan could tell) there’s only one in there.

    Thanks for your prayers. Will keep MadPriest updated…

  3. [Chelliah seems to know where of she speaks: worth a shot?]

    Heather, praying for your, um, deliverance!

  4. “Heather, praying for your, um, deliverance!

    Wow, been a while since I allowed anyone to do that!

    I’ve tried the vindaloo (probably the UK version of the TexMex?) several times now… always tasty but to no avail.

    I think I’ll give the jump rope a miss, though. Hard enough to breathe as it is…