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CHIT CHAT (14) — 14 Comments

  1. Customers who don’t take their iPod earphones out of their ears whilst they are being served or even worse customers who talk on their mobiles whilst they are being served.

  2. Even worse, friends who take all calls during a meal in any restaurant without leaving the room, or get up and leave the room when one is in mid-sentence, thereby leaving a conversation hanging in mid-air!

    I once told my niece, in front of her parents, to turn off her phone during a meal in the best restaurant in town to which I had invited them all, on my tab!!

  3. And quite right, Susie Sue. The young lady was extremely lucky that she didn’t get strangled. A less Christian aunty would have viewed such action as the first option.

  4. A particular annoyance at this point in my life.

    People talking behind your back about “problems” that they have never brought up to your face.

    I’m not perfect and while my ego does get dented when I’m corrected I’d still rather have folks TRY to help me get better.

    I mean we’re all adults and this IS the church.

    I’m such an idealist.



  5. Well, MP, my sister would argue with you about the Christian part. They are all Baptists of the Southern variety, and my being an Episcopalian and all makes me a heathen. I’m sure they thought I was criticizing their parenting skills(which I was), but I wasn’t about to sit there while she was texting away as I was actually addressing her. I think a lot of parents ignore their children when they get to be teenagers, but if they don’t engage them, how are they going to ever be socialized? That’s also why I don’t like church tailored for only teens going on in another room while the main service is happening in the ‘sanctuary.’ Oh, I could go on and on and on, but my phone is ringing, so I have to go!

  6. I meant “Christian” in its English sense – good mannered and with an inherent knowledge of how to behave in public 🙂

  7. I’m not really sure if I should touch this one with a ten foot cattle prod, esp. given the high jinks some people got up to this past weekend at the Jefferson Memorial up in Washington DC, which led to a huge argument, on Facebook, between me and another UU, who has told me that because I expect people to behave with a modicum of dignity and respect when visitin a memorial (not dancing, which is prohibited in the Jefferson Memorial anyway), I am the Heathen equivalent of the Westboro Baptist protestors.

    And this, just because I expect people to have some manners at a public national memorial – and he can’t comprehend that.

    Said former friend has now told me never to speak to him again, so I’ve lost a friend over this very topic.

    Naturally, I ranted my ass off about it on my blog, I’ve named names, and I’m tempted to post the screenshots and to nine flaming hells with these self-centered, sanctimonious, “it’s all about me” idiots.

  8. I agree with what you said on Facebook, Tracie. The Jefferson Memorial is a shrine.

    I’ll say it over there, too, when I get a chance. (I have a class to teach shortly…)

  9. Here’s one that really annoys me: men (and boys, for that matter) who insist on wearing those baseball caps indoors. (Like in my office.) And they look genuinely surprised when I ask them to take the caps off.

  10. I, in my own humble fashion, did announce May 31 as the Mapriest Neighbourhood Day over at Off-Topic. Please visit before it turns June 1.

  11. Any social situation except a clinic, involving clinical (usually crudely clinical!) descriptions of sexual acts.

    I’ve been at diocesan discussion of sexuality, and an ordination, wherein such description was given into a microphone (famously, it also occurred at +Gene Robinson’s episcopal ordination). While such, um, “describers” only seem to (get off by) offering it re anal sex, I rather think that ALL clinical descriptions of sex are pretty disgusting. Being clinical about it isn’t the point! {*}

    {*} Unless you’re Playing Doctor. 😉

  12. My current peeve involves those who allow their child to behave abominably any where (concerts, church, restaurants, movie theaters, the mall, etc.) and who then get all ticked off when someone else steps in to get the child to cease and desist (usually with a death threat involved…)

    I really AM becoming an old fart – my patience weareth ever thinner by the day.

  13. Fluffykins: that’s easy to deal with.

    Just walk up to the parents of said uncontrolled children and hand them a condom.

    “Here. This is for next time.”