Dammit! I've just worked it out. Somehow I've managed to clash MY BIG DAY with yet another American holiday. No wonder hardly anyone has commented.

That's just typical of my life.

I blame JCF.


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  1. no, it isn’t ALL because of the holiday… in my case it is because I HAVE NO ELECTRICITY IN MY LOFT!!!

    I’m currently at a friend’s house where she has her generator hooked up so I can check on ICICBW!! Very important stuff!!

    Eventually, I have to go home to the dark place… how am I going to wake up without coffee!!! OH, NO!!!

  2. skittles, wassamatta? How didya lose electricity in Fair Albion? [Good thing you have a kitty who sees in the dark!]

    My Giants were compelled to wear ridiculous, color-clashing hats for the holiday. Fortunately, they won anyway! 🙂

  3. I blame JCF.

    So what else is new?

    For every time Missus MP “has a headache”, I bet there’s a corresponding “…”! >;-/

  4. All right, congratulations then.

    At least I know I contributed a lot of the hits, whether I added my own snark or not.

    the BB

  5. Wait, your big day was my birthday?

    Seriously because it was a holiday and everyone was typically home, we used to celebrate on the 30th — Decoration Day back then. I was about 11 when I figured out the parades were not for me.

    Seriously, it is a big deal to break the 2 Million mark. Congrats again!


  6. I did try to keep it as low key as possible as I get jealous when other bloggers remind me on their blogs of how much higher up the rankings they are than me.

    But unlike their blogs OCICBW… is very much a communal effort and all the gang should get to feel good about themselves once every few years. The last time I mentioned stats was when we hit one million and that was nearly three years ago. So we can’t be accused of being particularly self-congratulating.