Is there anything in the world that is slower than a cat
as you stand there holding a door open for him after he
had demanded you opened the door in the first place?



  1. Well, at least one can physically pick up a cat and move it to one side of the door or the other. My late lamented Betsy dog (a German Shepherd-Collie mix who seemed to miss out on the brains normally found in both halves of her family tree) weighed about 65 lbs and couldn’t be picked up and moved.

  2. Nevertheless, Metella, try it and you offend the cat. And that gives you another whole set of problems! 🙂

    (Also, it doesn’t always work. My Harriet – a skittish tortie if there ever was one – is on to that trick and can move out of the way with lightning speed!)

  3. Trust me on this one, Rick. There’s nothing quite like the tongue lashing you can get from an offended cat. (At least from the likes of Harriet!)

  4. Yes, you’re right, EarthMother.
    Mind you I wouldn’t be too upset if I ran over a bolshie teenager, whilst if I ran over a cat I would be distraught for weeks.

  5. True, Ellie. But of course the last cat I did it to was little Lion, who is possibly the most easy-going cat on the planet. If it had been Spots, I expect I might have heard more about it.

  6. I’m not sure what “bolshie teenager” means in England, but I know here they will often just saunter or stand in the road, as if daring you to hit them or walk right out in front of a car without even glancing at it. I expect this is simple lack of understanding of the physics of car vs. human body; I myself did not realize until I was 23 that I was not immortal.

    Cats, of course, have far too much sense to behave in this fashion.

  7. Not to mention the cat that is looking for ‘the door into summer.’ Peanut Butter wants to cycle between the front and back door during winter desperately hoping that it won’t be cold at one of the entrances.

  8. Fishing net (on telescoping pole), kept by the door.

    The cat actually wants you to scoop it, and drag it in.

    It just may not know it wants this.