This week the best jokes are posted at BAILEY'S BUDDY. But Tenon Saw at IT'S ALL A BIT POOR has posted three non-PC one liners that made me giggle.

Typo of the week is posted at THE HEATHEN HUB.

One of my absolute favourite blogs that I check out regularly is THE PAGAN SPHINX. It's an art blog compiled by a woman who has immaculate taste. I particularly like her occasional series featuring the female nude. There is a certain sexual element to my appreciation but mainly I have always found paintings of any living form fascinating from an aesthetic point of view. I love paintings of animals almost as much as I love paintings of the human body.

I am also a fan of art photography which means that I found PS's selection this week particularly interesting as she features the work of the photographer Edward Steichen. Taken around the turn of the century these monochrome pieces are most definitely art in my book. They are also truly gorgeous to look at. Anyone interested in the art of the nude should check them out. As a taster and to persuade you to do just that here is a photograph by Steichen where you can actually see the woman's pussy.



  1. Ha! I have to remind myself that in the UK, the term pussy has a less naughty connotation! With that said, your last sentence is absolutely correct and one that cannot be argued with…and why would anyone want to argue about it, anyway…

  2. “photograph by Steichen where you can actually see the woman’s pussy”

    Good to know I’m not the only 10 year-old here. };-p