1. I must admit I was expecting a big thumbs up on this one. It took me ages to put together and I must admit I thought it was rather clever. But it appears only one of my readers had any sort of education and it has flown over everyone else’s heads. Oh well.

  2. Oh, I see John Sentamu under that sidekick hood! I didn’t remember that RLS wrote Jekyll and Hyde so I, too, was clueless. But I thought, and still do, it’s a masterful ‘toon.

  3. Yes, I came across the Sentamu photo and just had to use it. The altar that I have turned into a mad scientist’s laboratory is in Canterbury Cathedral. You know, it’s quality stuff I produce for you lot.

  4. Sigh, you just leave some of us in the dust!! I think it was just too intricate for toon matter!

    thanks to those who “got” it


  5. Ah well, MP, one can but ask.

    I really like how the ABC kinda fits in that niche in the background. You really are good at this, aren’t you?!

  6. I’m getting better with practice. What I really would like to do is learn how to draw cartoons of my own. But I was never very good at drawing and painting at school.

  7. But I was never very good at drawing and painting at school.

    Nor was I, but I did it, and you published my cartoon. Simple line drawing cartoons are not that difficult.

    On second thought, maybe mine was terrible, and you published it just to be kind.