And remember, he's still on the throne!

500 days off purgatory for getting through the whole song. An extra 500 days off purgatory if you can bring yourself to look at the album cover for more than 10 seconds.



  1. “extra 500 days off purgatory if you can bring yourself to look at the album cover for more than 10 seconds”

    Oh, I can . . . if I JUST look at the “sister”! (And the way her jacket-thingie, um, fits.)

  2. Ok at 00:48 (“… when his pathways grow dim and you just can’t see him”) I quit.

    There really is something creepy going on here. What’s the bet the guy on the cover has done prison time since this photo was taken?

  3. Made it through the whole thing while staring at the cover, though I did waver at the part about people being woven like a tapestry. Must be my previous Buddhist training. Course, now I have to go to bed with that song and image firmly lodged in my perception…

  4. Me and the Missus, 500 days off each, and I claim the extra 500 for looking at the album cover the whole time. This reminds me so much of a lot of the sappy, saccharine “commercial” Christian music one finds on the religious channels and televangelist shows. Why does it have to be so bad…..

    wv=bache (This music is half-bached)

  5. I also claim my 500 days + 500 days and my 10/- note. I found it grew on me after a shaky start, a bit like a nasty fungal infection.

    I had mental images of The Andy Williams Show as I listened. The trouble with the album cover is that you can’t see the real people behind the perfect teeth and suntan. I’m afraid they could only hail from from one country on Earth, and probably only from one area of that.

    Now if 10cc had recorded this it might stand a chance.

  6. I looked at the album cover and made it 2 bars into the sound track.
    I guess I’ll have to add days to my purgatory, but it will have been worth it.

  7. Apparently when you can’t see him, you remember he’s just on the throne?

    SR means LA.

    Didn’t get to the end.

  8. “He alone knows what is best for you”? Cancer was a good thing?! “He’s too good to be unkind” even when things are grim, when you don’t understand, what the…?!!

    I claim my 500 days and I’ll need them to make up for the 500 days I earned dissing the god presented in this piece of drech. By the way, could not look at those two on the cover. Instead I watched Grand Prix practice at Monaco, to which I will now give my entire attention in order to cleanse my brain from this, MP’s latest “How Can He Stand It?!” offerings.

    perfect: wv is “synagh” – perfect.

  9. That is major league creepy! I do not get the days off — simply could not take it.


  10. Yeah, 500 days for me, too. Actually, they sang well. The arrangement is way over the top but this stuff is popular with lotsa folks, just not me.
    My sister was working with someone who was making this kinda stuff. I told her it sounded less like music for church and more like Broadway or sumpin’.

  11. Not just you, El Padre. And remember you have been exposed to over the topness far more than most of us have so you probably have the antibodies in your system to deal with exposure to it.