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Robert A. Berardinelli (Bob), long-term resident of Waite Hill, Ohio and more recently of Hudson, Ohio he entered into rest May 21, 2011. Beloved husband of Ursula (Sandi) Berardinelli (nee Kohls), married for 55 years. Dear father of Pamela Garrud (Trevor), Christina and Raf (Roxanne); cherished grandfather of Rina.

I think Bob is Pam's father.


From Ellie (9 hours ago):

Tornadoes are now raging through Oklahoma. So far nothing has hit Tulsa but it could happen, of course. I'm hunkered down with the TV on, I have fresh batteries in my camping lamp and my emergency radio tuned. No basement in this house but I'll dive into the bath tub and pull sofa cushions over my head if we're told to take cover. The weather guys are calling this "the big one" - not a garden variety storm system.


The death toll from a tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri on Sunday has climbed to 123, with 750 people injured and many more missing, the authorities said on Tuesday.



From MaryBeth:

"Thanksgiving for the ordination to the transitional diaconate of Amy Haynie in Diocese of Fort Worth tonight...God willing!"


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THE PRAYER LIST – 25TH. MAY 2011 — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for putting this on your prayer list. Yes, Bob was my dad. I love that he decided to leave us on the day that the world was supposed to end; that’s totally our family’s sense of humour. We’re joking that he’s the only one who got raptured. Blessings to all. Namaste.

  2. Yes, I did spend some time taking cover in the bath tub with the sofa cushions because the “take cover” sirens went off in my part of town but, as far as I know, my house sustained no damage. (The roof might have lost some shingles. I’ll need to get my handyman to check.)

    Thanks for all prayers.

    I offer sincere prayers for all mentioned here.

  3. Ellie,

    We are not out of the woods yet. Be careful hear?

    The storms and tornado warnings are here in the Chicago suburbs this morning.


  4. The destruction in Joplin is not to be believed. Some estimates are that 1/3 of the city was leveled, some 8000 buildings. St. Johns Regional Medical Center may have to be torn down, as the building may not be structurally sound. In so many photos, all that can be seen is total devastation, not a single intact building. There was one incredibly beautiful photo I saw in the NY Times, though, that had the look of a Renaissance landscape. It showed a group of rescuers waiting for medical personnel after finding a fatality in a car. The whole picture is very dark with silhouetted trees and a black stormy sky, and in the lower left corner, a small group of people lit by emergency lamps. It looks almost 14th century…..

  5. Prayers ascending!

    May Bob RIP/RIG… {{{Pam and the Fam}}}

    wv, “unchasin”: what I’d be doing, if a tornado were in my neighborhood [I was nearly killed by one (suspected: it was DEFINITELY a high-speed wind!), I should know…]