I have taken a lot of flak over the years in respect of OCICBW...'s trailblazing campaign to get boring old Anglican codgers to accept the ordination of female bishops by putting forward drop dead gorgeous candidates. I have even been accused of sexism on occasion.

However, conclusive proof has now come in that shows that I, far from being a retro chauvinist pig, was once again ahead of the rest of the pack. So let's have no more politically correct squeamishness ladies and please refrain from looking dowdy in public. Remember, an attractive booty is worth a million words.


And they say looks don’t matter. Well, that’s the theory anyway, and it’s being debunked by one church in England that has seen its congregation size double since appointing a pretty young blonde as its new curate.

St Mary The Virgin in leafy Caterham, Surrey, had been experiencing a decline in attendance over the years but the arrival of Stephanie ‘Steph’ Nadarajah has heralded the start of a boom time for the church. Just six months ago, the church’s attendance stood at around 75. But, in the last six months, attendance has soared and there are now around 150 people showing up each Sunday to hear the 29-year-old preach.



  1. Gosh – young, pretty, blonde, AND with perfect teeth! The selection criteria for the priesthood are really getting tough these days. Are you saying no old battleaxes should apply, not even cuddly ones? I’ll just find a corner to go away and weep in quietly…

  2. What about the cougars (or, more likely, those with a rich fantasy life) in the congregation? Look around you, MP. In most rural parishes anyway, 75% of the congregation are old biddies. Why shouldn’t we get handsome young priests? Come to think of it, needn’t leave selection to bishop and church wardens – we could have a beefcake line-up in full canonicals for the congregation…

  3. I completely agree with you, LA. Beefcake should definitely be top of any selection committee’s criteria.

    But the Great OCICBW… Babelicious Bishop Campaign was launched, not to deny you your hunks at the altar but to specifically persuade those crusty old men of our church who “have problems” with women in authority, to forget about all the theological nonsense and vote with their dicks.

    Heck, sexism has caused you ladies enough suffering in the past so why not turn it to your advantage and get some payback?

  4. I think that was one of Maggie Dawn’s top ten reasons that men shouldn’t be ordained, wasn’t it? Something like “Some men are attractive an might distract female worshipers”

  5. She’s the one the parish likes:
    Loves the piggies and the dykes!
    Nadarajah for Vicar,

    [With apologies to the Gershwins ;-/]