I don't know what most of these poor unfortunates did to deserve the ignominy of ending up on the OCICBW... blogroll (THE NEIGHBOURHOOD). They were probably just in the wrong place at the wrong time. So do check their blogs out just to give this awful cloud now hanging over them a bit of a silver lining.

FROM HERE TO ISTANBUL: Friends of Ann Fontaine who we have prayed for on various occasions.

THE PINK SHEEP: Baaings on the highs and lows of being a lesbian Christian. And from the East Midlands - hurrah!!

PEACEFUL TURMOIL: God is ((in))(the) here and now. Religion is either a reminder of this or a distraction.

ALWAYS HOPE: Life, faith (and hope) in Cornwall
Is there life in Cornwall? If there is it's not as we know it.

MIKE RAYNER SERMONS: Ooh, clever stuff. And a lot of it is eminently nickable.

THE JOURNEY OF A CONVERT: Ha'ger Avram is a 35 year old, father of one, living in the south of England. For a while he was training to be an Anglican Vicar, but is currently in the process of converting to Judaism. This blog is a description of his life, and the process of converting to Judaism as he encounters it.

DAYDREAMER: Ray Barnes' blog. Don't get caught out like I did - Ray is of the female gender, or so she insists. This confusing situation is evidently down to the fact that she is Welsh. They are a strange people to say the least.

FAITH, FOLK AND CHARITY: This is my old sparring partner, Tim Chesterton's current blog. Mind you he'll probably go and move it again once he finds out I've linked to it.

THE PRAYERFUL SKEPTIC: Michel (from Bavaria - Beer!!!) is a contemplative religious seeker, rooted in the liberal Anglo-Catholic tradition as well as Unitarianism; as such, he is a baptized Episcopalian, a lay associate of the Order of Julian of Norwich, as well as a member of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, the online congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association. In other words, a right mongrel like most of the rest of you.


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  1. As I just posted on Facebook:

    Tornadoes are now raging through Oklahoma. So far nothing has hit Tulsa but it could happen, of course. I’m hunkered down with the TV on, I have fresh batteries in my camping lamp and my emergency radio tuned. No basement in this house but I’ll dive into the bath tub and pull sofa cushions over my head if we’re told to take cover. The weather guys are calling this “the big one” – not a garden variety storm system.

  2. Prayers for clearing skies heading your direction, Ellie!


  3. Ah, a Bavarian!

    Par – Taaaaay like a Bavarian!

    Joe loved it over in Bavaria when he was stationed there in the Army. He wanted to relocate there permanently when he got out of the military but the Army said “um, no can do!”

  4. Interesting. You say “Bavaria” to Jonathan and he says “Beer!”

    You say “Bavaria” to Joe and he says “Nurnberger brats, schnitzel sandwiches, and bierfests!”


    Like I said, party like a Bavarian!