Yes. Thank you Mr Camping.

I have not had such good fun for years. For a humourist like myself you were a Godsend.

Last Sunday, I was in the depths of depression, unable to concentrate on anything and completely devoid of imagination. But your Rapture spoof broke through my despondency and gave me so much material to riff off that I am now back on the planet (along with everyone else, of course) are raring to get back to blogging as normal.

Mr. Harold Camping, you are most definitely OCICBW...'s




  1. Off to the 10 am soon. Some of the yankie doodles on the West Coast will still be sweating but its very much the next day here, i.e 22nd May i.e. Sunday not Saturday.

    Given my ratbag church I’m not expecting anyone to be missing. I’ve been enjoying I’ll Fly Away by Joe Lastie.

  2. Back in the mid-90s this same guy pulled the same thing. Put out a little do-it-yourself, cheesy book with all of his proofs and got a great lot of people stirred up. Our office secretary bought a mail-order copy and really got into it. On the designated week-end, she let us know that she would not be back on Monday. Implicit in her instructions for the office was her belief that all of the rest of us awful sinners would not be worthy enough to make the cut. One rascal in our office asked her for her car since his was on its last legs and she would not need hers anymore. I can’t believe he is getting away with this the second time considering the outcome of his first prediction.

  3. Well, if the world ends in 15 minutes (here on the Left Coast of ‘merkuh), the Giants will be declared the winner over the A’s, 1-0!

  4. Oh dear, I’m on US Central Time and not pinned to the ceiling! So, what I’ve done is to replay “The End of the World” by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore in “Beyond the Fringe”.

    “Have you got the picnic basket?”

  5. Maybe it’s just ’cause Baltimore is such a wicked city, and more so than usual in that at 6 pm today everybody in town was placing their bets and getting ready to watch the running of the Preakness Stakes at 6:19, but nobody seems to be missing from our neighborhood.

  6. Well, it’s 7:03 PDT and we’re all still here including Mr. Camping. I can only imagine his disappointment. God bless you, Mr. Camping for what you did for MadPriest!!

    Just now 7:05 we had an unmistakeable earthquake. I don’t think it had anything to do with the failed Rapture.

  7. Likely story, susan! : )

    So glad that MP is on the mend! For the humorists among us here is a link to 35 photos of people rapture bombing (leaving empty clothes to fool their neighbors and friends) as suggested by MP:


    I got a good chuckle from it. Here in FL I was knitting and listening to Mozart at 6 PM. I’m afraid I forgot all about the whole shebang!

  8. Of course, since there are supposed to be only 144,000 people raptured, their number and names already predetermined at creation, according to Mr. Camping, I guess we would hardly notice if anyone was raptured unless we were standing right by the 1 in a gazillion. Guess we’ll have to wait for the missing persons reports.

  9. It’s 7:10 AM here in New York, and what little news there is on Camping this morning says that he remains unrepentant (and a lot richer).
    I’m not so sure that’s true for his followers, especially the ones who really did quit their jobs, spent their savings, and alienated their families and friends. We had one subway engineer here who spent over $100,000 of his savings and borrowed money to put up ad posters throughout the subway system. I have no clue what he’s thinking or feeling this morning.

    I’m wondering what’s going on with those thousands of Hmong gathered on the border between Vietnam and Laos waiting for Armageddon.

    And none of these folks has any “Plan B.”

    Harold Camping may have given us the best ride in a long time, but as far as I’m concerned, he’s a swine. Whether or not he really believed his own schtick (he probably did), he’s caused a lot of suffering around the world this morning.

  10. All our people were in church this morning. I can only think we must be a terrible lot of sinners. Maybe we’ve got hold of the wrong doctrine after all. Was it really a piece of cod the risen Christ ate, or could it have been haddock after all? To think people may be going to a lost eternity over such an error!

  11. I wasn’t in church; I was sleeping in and enjoying the fact that I don’t have to spend money on other people’s projects or sing stupid songs or get up early to watch people walk around in stupid clothes and pretend to talk to someone invisible.

  12. Poor old thing. He looks so tired.

    I think I’d look like that too if I’d sunk $100 million (so I’ve heard) into advertising a non-event 🙁

    … and isn’t this his third or fourth prediction? … Harold, honey: go sit in the garden and look at the birdies …

    On the other hand … What astonishes me is that so many people give their minds over to this kind of nuttery. I once believed in THE RAPTURE!! for about five minutes and am pondering my life’s black hole of inexplicable WTFs for some understanding … All that resounds from the depths is ‘Black holes are black holes for a reason, eh?’