Much as I don't want them to go, wouldn't it be lovely if the only people to disappear heavenwards tomorrow at 6.00p.m. were Gene Robinson, Jeffrey John, Mary Glasspool and Desmond Tutu.



  1. Um, could we trade that for Mephistopheles rising to claim his own and then bring them back down? [Insert names of Usual Suspects here >;-)]

  2. Listen, I’m getting a bit nervous. Its OK for all you Yankie Doodle Dandies but its already Saturday the 21st down here and we’ve passed the 6 am mark. What if that old codger is right? Oh bloody hell! Where’s a Bible when you need one?!

    And a calculator with 10 decimal places!

  3. We’re counting on you, Boaz, for first Rapture reports! ;-p

    [If I’ve got this Time/Date thing correctly (unlike Camping! *LOL*), Saturday 6PM Int’l Dateline happens at 9PM (Friday), for me. By the time I hit the hay, I expect a series of rolling non-earthquakes to have occurred by then! :-D]

  4. Ah, you’re just jealous because I didn’t include you in the list. But you don’t stand a snowflake’s chance in hell of being raptured you evil lesbian priestess 🙂 You’ll be out looting with the rest of us come Sunday morning.

  5. It’s nice at least that some of them worry about their animal companions — and really sad that they don’t think the dogs, cats, etc will also be raptured. If there were to be a rapture, I think the hardest thing would be that our companions would be gone and we would be “left behind”.

  6. I’m still here; you’re still here.

    Has anyone checked on Gene, Jeffrey, Mary, and Desmond?

    wv = howsbe
    (howsbe you?)