Two truly dreadful records glorifying the death of Mr Summer Bed Linen. I'm sorry, but should listening to these two terrible tunes result in your premature expiration, I'm afraid I can't promise you virgins on your arrival at the next place - wrong religion and all that. However, I will give you 2000 days off purgatory if you manage to get through them both without pouring molten candle wax into your ears.



  1. Sorry, only made it twenty seconds in. The 2000 days off Purgatory would come to nothing after the penalty for the grievous sin of listening to such arrogant self-righteous twaddle was added in.

  2. Bwahaha – Triumph of the Will: I want my 2000 days, and also the Lady Elaine, who had the supreme misfortune to be in the same room and heard the whole thing. You do realize of course that there are many people in the world, certainly in the USA, who would regard these little ditties as the highest forms of true music, indeed the highest forms of art itself – and they have one vote each, the same as you and I……

  3. I don’t need purgatory, I just purged! God above that second song is horrible. I managed to get through the first piece of triumphalist drivel but that second thing is too much.


  4. Well, I made it all the way through, and may God have mercy on my soul for having listened to this crud. Doing so added at least 2000 days to the time I’ll have to spend in purgatory, so I guess I’m even.

  5. The first bloke looks a bit like Willie Nelson but sounds a lot like Dave Frishberg. The second bloke is boring.

    I made it all the way through!