One of my trolls emailed two of Mrs MP's top bosses today moaning about my blogging activities. The bottom feeder also sent a copy to Mrs MP with a note telling her that if I desist from criticising the Roman Catholic Church he will stop writing to her colleagues.

I know that your average troll is not well blessed in the brain cell department but it is almost unbelievable that having stalked me for so long they wouldn't have realised that such demands are are only going to make me far more likely to ridicule their sacred cows and papal bulls (thanks, Tim).


TROLL UPDATE — 20 Comments

  1. *sighs heavily*

    I can tell that you come from the shepherding part of England, dear MP, for you’ve mixed up a sacred cow for a papal bull.


  2. How far removed from the workaday world must one be to think that Ms. MP and her bosses give a fig about controlling your blog content? I think Miss Troll has boundary issues. Must be a hoot at a party!

  3. If the troll is in England for heaven’s sake file a criminal complaint! If he is in the States, publish his name.

  4. MadPriest, contacting your wife’s employers would seem to fall into the category of harassment, and there may be laws against that. It’s surely worth looking into.

  5. “one of my trolls emailed…etc” Sounds like you’ve sort of taken some of the trolls under your wing by trolls come in gaggles or herds? :>)


  6. “Bottom feeder” is right. This person is seriously disturbed and ought to avail himself/herself of appropriate mental health services.

    I’m not kidding.

  7. Nij, nobody has trolls like me. Heck, I’ve even got my own hate blog and that nasty queen of all trolls, Lapinbizarre, devoting themselves to my downfall.

  8. I would think that the RC trolls would be sufficiently pleased by the ABC sucking up to Bennie to not have to attend to (or harrass) you and your blog.

  9. So I gather that trolls are nerds that ride on trolley cars? Glad we got that settled :>)