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Posted by Mardé at SEEVSPLACE:

My wife of nearly 48 summers (as of July 1, 2011), Cynthia, passed away at 5:18am on May 12, two days after her 79th birthday. I was there with her all the way in her final hours and told her over and over that I loved her and that at last she could “go home” and have rest. This was Cynthia’s final preoccupation in life, to get to “go home”, even from the beautiful small house she herself designed in Denmark, Maine, and where we had been living for over eleven years. Perhaps to her conscious or unconscious mind going home meant “get me out of this horrible Alzheimer’s disease”. She got her wish and much sooner than people expected. I’m both terribly sad and terribly relieved.

Please post your condolences on Mardé's blog.


From Jan:

I am coveting prayers, as I fear I am turning into a crippled old lady. Since I turned 60, I have been falling apart. I wrote a little about this on my blog, YEARNING FOR GOD.

See also THIS UPDATE from Jan.


From IT:

BP asks prayers for her cousin K and family. K's husband J died suddenly last night (11th. May 2011) of a massive heart attack at far too young an age. J was an actor, with an actor's ebullience, and he filled every space with his immense warmth, his joie de vivre, and his great love for all around him. We are all richer for having known him and immensely poorer for his loss.


From MadPriest:

Please pray for S, a good friend of mine, who has fallen off the wagon following a recent bereavement.

Please pray for K's son who has been diagnosed with bi-polar problems as he makes his way towards recovery with the help prescribed medication. Also pray for K and family and all those who care for this young person.


Posted by Liz at FINDING LIFE HARD?:

Last Sunday (8th. May 2011), Damien, a rough sleeper and alcoholic in his late twenties, died.


April's son was killed six years ago serving in Afghanistan, shot by a sniper; as a result she turned to heroin. She's been clean now for three years. This week she heard that her other son is missing in action in Afghanistan. Please say a prayer for her and that her boy comes home safe.



After a day of caution over two encroaching wildfires, the winds picked up and brought chaos and destruction to Slave Lake (250 kms north of Edmonton, Canada).

Wind gusts that accelerated the advance of fires and grounded water bombers Sunday afternoon allowed the fire to jump two highways. Afterwards, it was free to tear through the Alberta town of 7,000 people. A long list of hundreds of buildings have burned down – including city hall, the police station, the radio station and countless houses – and the town has brought in a mandatory evacuation. The fires appear out of control.



At least 27 people were slain early Sunday in a remote area of northern Guatemala. 200 gunmen, who had arrived in buses, attacked workers on a coconut farm in the northern province of Peten, a zone that has become increasingly dangerous as Mexican drug smugglers extend operations in Central America to escape a crackdown at home. The victims included 25 men and two women, all of whom were decapitated. Authorities had not determined a motive.


From AFP:

One Iraqi security guard was killed and two Norwegians were among four people wounded on Monday when a roadside bomb exploded near their convoy in Baghdad. The blast occurred at around 8:00 am (0500 GMT) in the eastern neighbourhood of Jadidah.



Motorcycle-riding assassins have gunned down a Saudi diplomat in the Pakistani city of Karachi, four days after a grenade attack on the Saudi consulate there.



Israeli troops shot at Palestinian protesters along the border of Syria, Lebanon and Gaza Sunday killing at least 15 people as demonstrators marked the anniversary of Israel's creation.

Israeli troops killed 10 Palestinians and wounded more than 50 others when the troops fired on protesters to prevent them from crossing into Israel from Lebanon. Demonstrators in Syria also tried to break through a border fence in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Israeli troops opened fire, killing four and wounding at least 45. Elsewhere, clashes at protests along the border with the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip killed at least one person and wounded at least 60.


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THE PRAYER LIST – 16TH. MAY 2011 — 24 Comments

  1. Prayers for all.

    Please pray for the people in Louisiana who will flood as the Morganza Floodway opens to prevent overtopping of the levees along the Mississippi River and that the levees along the river will hold and not breach.

  2. The last 24-48 hours with Joe have been a living nightmare for me. He’s been very depressed and angry as hell about his unemployment situation and wasting money on rent and whatnot.

    It’s been really bad. Very scary. Not good for us at all. It’s almost driven me to calling it quits with him.

  3. PS: If I thought of calling it quits with him, it’s not specifically because he’s unemployed.

    It’s because of the psychological and emotional terror he’s put me through over all this.

  4. Give him lots of space. Agree with everything he says. Be angry with all the things he is angry with. Do not make useful suggestions and above all don’t tell him to snap out of it. Remember, most of his anger is because he is not able to take care of the woman he loves in the way he wants to.

  5. MP, if I agreed with everything he agreed with, we’d take the inheritance money my father left me and drop it on a 12 bedroom home this weekend that’s for sale at $60K. He saw it online and wanted it so bad he was ready to even sacrifice me to get it.

    That’s what I’m trying to avoid. Rushing into buying a home and violating our current lease agreement and incurring hefty penalties.

    This could get expensive.

    wv: bratic

    Exactly how Joe has been acting all day.

  6. Most of his anger is over the fact that he’ll be 45 years old next month and he has nothing in life to show for it. That, and the way anything he has ever enjoyed doing in life has been jerked away from him – his Army career, his education in electronics technology, his job at FDC (where I work), things like that. It looks to him like as soon as he gets comfortable and happy with something, the Universe just yanks it away from him.

    Gee, sound familiar?

    He’s not worried about ME. He knows I could take care of myself alone.

    But he does worry about me getting fed up with his unemployment and tossing him out.

  7. Oh, for goodness sake woman!! Believe me he will be pissed that he is not taking care of you because he isn’t working and earning. Men get depressed when something stops them being men.

    But if you want to make the same mistakes that most women make when they have to deal with a depressed man, go ahead, make it all about you.

  8. MadPriest, let me get this straight. Are you saying that a man thinks he’s a man only when he’s taking care of his woman? What if his woman does not need taking care of? Tough titties for him, I guess.

    Pardon me for interrupting your brilliant advice to Tracie.

  9. Tracie, you seem to have excellent understanding of why Joe is angry. I see why he is angry, too. It probably is best to agree with him that the world sucks right now, but none of the suckitude of his life is your doing. Take care of yourself, too.

  10. Are you saying that a man thinks he’s a man only when he’s taking care of his woman?

    Yes. And you play all on this all the while to get what you want. Nothing wrong with that – it’s what makes the world go round.

  11. He told me last night he is worried that I’ll get fed up with him not having a job and that I’ll toss him out.

    I think, in the long run, he really does love me even more than he lets on, and really can’t stand being apart from me.

    I’m not going to agree with what he says is bad because the thing he’s saying is bad is me, gumming up the works, digging my heels in, etc. You really don’t want to know about the meltdown today. Had me sobbing at my desk at work, and I’m on the front desk. Receptionists don’t have the luxury of weeping in private.

    I feel terrible, too, because I was so desperate for something that would calm him down, I screeched all over facebook about it. I’ve never felt so scared in my life.

    I can’t bear to lose him. He has a ferocious temper, but he’s my best friend, and the thought of losing him just….gaaaaah!


    I’ve cried enough today! No more!

  12. I will do that now, Norris and add your request to the text of The Prayer List post tomorrow (as long as my current mental state allows it).