. . . then there are going to be two people outside of Harold Camping's house just before dawn this Saturday - one with a video camera and the other with a trumpet.

If there are any OCICBW... readers who live close enough to the blesséd evangelist, one of whom has the musical talent to pull it off convincingly, who are willing to make this happen, I will reward them with immediate sainthood (no miracles required). Also, the cash they will make from selling the video will be worth having I'm sure.


IF THERE’S A GOD . . . — 16 Comments

  1. Good Grief! The guy with the horn looks like Fr. Christian! Is there going to be some sort of Rapture thing coming up? Who knew?

  2. It’s supposed to be at 6PM in every time-zone (I hope there’s a partying crowd there on the Int’l. Dateline).

    Knowing my Night Owl ways, I think 6PM Saturday may have come and gone (on Samoa, Indonesia, Japan?) before I’ve gone to bed on Friday! 😉

  3. Of course it’s me. How many other Doctrinal Warriors are that handsome?

    However I must say that Harold Egbert Camping and the act of blowing my horn are not concepts I feel particularly comfortable holding in conjunction. Although I’m willing to accept it would undoubtedly have a calming influence upon much of young Harold’s excitable exegetical inclinations.

  4. I am not exactly sure where in Oakland he lives, but I live just north of Oakland in Berkeley. I must say that if it doesn’t happen earlier further east, then why bother. I don’t think he will be in bed at that time of day, MP. He might be outside jumping in the air, but as someone else said above, if he doesn’t have his hearing aids in, he would never hear that trumpet!!!

  5. I have an idea. How about everyone on the East Coast, or even better, across the Atlantic, call Harold Camping at 9AM their local time to make sure that he’s awake for The Big Day.

  6. Poor Harold is 88, and whilst undeniably an ass, he does have neighbors — one of which is my elderly mother. Blowing horns at 0600 is therefore not a good idea. Perhaps a nice postcard of clouds or some heavenly scene together with a note: “Having a lovely time, wish you were here?”

  7. I am in a state of near-rapture! I have located a fundy who has an R1250R which is the bike I want.


  8. Probably the only time I’ll ever say this:

    Anonymous FTW!

    [My sympathy to your mom, Anon]

  9. This rapture business seems to be bringing out the worst in you lot. I have never come across such blatant avarice.

  10. Heck, Mike, you’re right.

    It’s a good job it didn’t happen last week. It would have really messed up the Eurovision Song Contest if only Israel and a few Islamic countries were left to compete.