From Dennis:

Could you add our dog Jackson to the prayer list, please? Thanks.

Two of our dogs got very sick this weekend - both wound up at the emergency vet. One of them, Bella (the Ridgeback), is much better now. But Jackson (in the picture) is still at the vets because he continues to have blood coming out of his backside and is not wanting to eat or drink. He is on IVs for antibiotics and fluids. He was supposed to be coming home today but can't. The vet also asked that we not come to visit because big dogs who get excited cause problems with their IVs. They also want him sleeping and not up and excited. So all I can do is worry and take the other dogs out for walks. So please add Jackson to the thoughts and prayers and fingers-crossed list. Right now we just need for him to stop bleeding and to try some food and drink. I think he can. I have a lot of hope that this big goofy boy can make it.



  1. And thank you, Jonathan, for sharing this. — no matter how difficult for you. You know how important this sort of thing has been for me.

  2. Thanks everyone. And thanks, MP, for posting it.

    We are home now. The bleeding stopped about lunchtime and the vet felt we could try bringing him home. He wasn’t getting any sleep at the clinic and she figured we could try to let him sleep at home.

    He is exhausted. We are all exhausted. One weekend of two very sick dogs, more trips to the emergency vet than I care to remember (and did I mention how much emergency animal ICU can cost?), and a bag full of medicines to dispense for the next couple of weeks.

    Just happy both of them are home and on the way to being better. We aren’t out of the woods yet but we are headed in the right direction now. Thanks again.

  3. Aw what a darling pooch. Beaming positive energy to Jackson.

    Obviously a vet knows more than I but I remember with Bean, one of the signs of her g.i. cancer was bleeding from her nether parts. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to have x-rays done to make sure this is not the problem with this beautiful dog. I hope it isn’t that.

  4. Very glad to see he is home. I had my oldest overnight at the vet very dehydrated from getting into something. Then followed by my new adopted dog via Fran when she started having seizure like behavior, also from getting into something toxic in the woods. Good for you for doing right by your animals.