DAMN IT! — 73 Comments

  1. Erika can send a fierce lion.

    I’ll send my kitty!!

    He’ll convince that bad, black doggie to run away!!!!

    FAR AWAY!!!

  2. “During Easter, those days so full of light, the Lord allowed my own soul to be plunged into the thickest gloom. I wish I could explain what I feel, but it beyond my power. One must have passed through the tunnel to understand how black its darkness is.”
    St Therese of Lisieux.

    Days of darkness often attack the saints of God. The light will return. May the sonrise come speedily.

  3. Oh Saintly, I shall keep that one, for my own days with the “hound”.

    Miss Xena is very distressed that the “hound” takes the form of a labrador retriever – she wants in on chasing it away, even tho it means making common cause with teh kitteh’s.

    Prayers continue, Jonathan.

  4. Fire without flame – May light quickly return. (I’m imaging Mia The Mini Wiener scampering about the black dog, clueless to things beyond her ken.)

  5. Sending the fire breathing dragons of daylight to chase him away

    wv: poxicar– a vehicle for driving away poxes

  6. I feel torn between my instinctive “Awwwwww!” 😀 for my favorite sort of canine,

    and the knowledge that the metaphor of this sort of canine is used to describe your suffering, MP.

    Honestly, I’d like to hug&pet you both.

    [Dr JCF recommends some vigorous walking w/ your own canines. It’ll do all 3 of you a world of good.]

  7. Prayers for you, MP. Having wrestled with that dog myself for quite some time, I can give the assurance that he can be trained to go lie down in the corner. Sometimes he’s a stubborn ol’ dog, however, and you have to teach him more than once.

    Hope it will pass soon.

  8. Prayers from all the critters here coming your way. I’m in the grip of the cursed canine myself just now, and I hope it passes soon for both of us.

  9. Well, hoping this news might brighten your day just a bit:


    (my biopsy)

    Prayers comin’ atcha MP.

  10. I hope that you’ll take advantage of everything that can help to manage depression, whether it’s exercise, music, medication, or anything else that can help. Our prayers are with you.

  11. MP, for what it’s worth, like Bluebird, I’ve been standing behind that hellhound for the last few weeks myself. Praying in the darkness for you kindles a small, steady light for me. Hope you will see that light as well!

    JCF, thanks be to God!

    Onward Christian soldiers!

  12. You are in my prayers, MP. May your spirit emerge triumphant.

    And JCF, yay!

  13. You continue in my prayers as always. I shall say a special rosary for you tonight.

    And in the good news department, my first lab work since my medicare arrived has produced fairly good news. All the threatening numbers the cardiologists worry about (hdl, ldl, triglicarides, (sp) blood pressure, and the like were good, indeed brilliant. So now the next round of more invasive tests, and then maybe, at looooong last, surgery.


  14. also: STUPID DOG — given how many you have held in prayer — including Molly the WonderDog and Laika and the many others

  15. I prayed for JCF to have a smile so I’ll pray the same for you, Mad One.

    “A prayer for my friend MP to soon be smiling”.

  16. Prayers for you, dear M.P. May your black dog go back to where ever it is he came from.

    Boo and Doc send hisses and cat slaps to the beast.

  17. Good news from JCF and Jim. Glad to hear.

    Bad news from MP. Sad to hear.

    Yin and yang….

  18. Before you posted about poor Jackson’s illness, I was coming over here to take George Burns’ part and type, “Say ‘Hi’, MadPriest.” And then I’d take Gracie Allen’s role and say, “Hi, MadPriest.” But I don’t need to do that now.

    You probably have to be old to understand the bit of Tuesday silliness above.

  19. Thank you, Anon!! That was a great idea!!

    Hey, MP! You have money!!

    Again, Anon, thanks for the prompt. I’ve been meaning to do that, but forgot. You gave me a little push & that helped!!

  20. My standard practice with trolls is never to engage with them, except to tell them, “Go away!” when they visit my blog and leave their trollish comments. I give one warning and then ruthlessly delete further comments. If I must, I will turn on comment moderation to keep their comments out, because I find them so very noxious and dispiriting. I’d rather shut down my blog than have that kind of crap present.

    If you want to engage with me, then stop trolling. I don’t understand people whose goal is to make life miserable for others. If you don’t like a blog, then stay away. Why do you care enough to hang around and either offend or bore people with your comments?

    Mind, I’m not suggesting that anyone else follow my example, but I have no mercy on trolls. Each blogger handles it as she/he sees fit. I realize that my attitude may not be the best example of Christianity in action, but, as I’ve said, I can’t put up with the crap. As Fr Jake says, “You can’t come into my home and insult me or my other guests, and my blog is my online home, so the same rule applies.” (Paraphrase)

    Sorry, MadPriest, if I’ve taken too much of an advantage to rant here at OCICBW, but I’m fed up with trolls at the moment.

  21. Sojourners has an excellent comment policy that I believe Rev. Elizabeth has adapted for her own blog. Check it out. Maybe they’ll let more people use it on their blogs as well.

  22. Tracie, thanks. Elizabeth uses comment moderation, so the comments don’t get through in the first place at her blog. I prefer open comments, but I will use comment moderation again, if I must, when the trolls persist and become particularly bothersome.

  23. Actually, Mimi, I get all the comments so I read them, anyway. Comment moderation just spares my readers from being exposed to the trash some trolls dump on my site.

    Jonathan, old man, hope you are better today.

  24. Jonathan, I truly empathize with you. Just remember, that black dog is a doofy, loveable lab under it all. If that doesn’t work, I have a chocolate lab who would comfort you — he’s very sweet, with neither fat nor calories. He’s pretty dumb though. Hang in there.

    BTW, I do love this photo.

  25. Hi, Janis. I like what you said here. First of all, I also have a chocolate lab who’s not the brightest bulb on the tree but she’s a real sweetheart.

    Also, at some point we do need to make friends with that “black dog” who pulls us down. “That which we resist persists” is an apt adage here. It can be very difficult to go through the process of making friends with it (and I refer here not only to inner “issues” but also to bio-chemically based mood disorders). It’s worth the hard, hard work involved, however.

    JCF, I’m so happy for these good results.

  26. Hey, MP, I am spitting on that black dog for you!!
    From recent experience, I know I am more accurate than I thought I would be.

    I hope things are better for you very soon. You were a light to me in a dark time of my life and I know you have been a light to many others too. Dump the trolls they are mean spiteful people.

  27. MP, Please know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers today and always.

    Celebrating your good news, JCF and jimb.

  28. Prayers for you, MP. I know all about when the black dog comes calling. The dog must be globe trotting because it has spent some time with me as of late.

    Take care!

  29. BTW I second what Ellie said about befriending the black dog. Very important.

    Beaming love to Jonathan today

  30. Ya know, it’s funny. I notice that a couple of people said they like this picture that Jonathan has posted here, but I got a very different energy from it right away.

    It’s black on black, suggesting dark despair. And to me, the look on the dog’s face here is worried, not happy. Like even the dog himself is suffering in some way, or is lost and lonely – yeah, “lonely” is a good word to use, because it’s only one dog in this darkness and perhaps he feels isolated from love and connection with others.

    Even though I really like dogs and have always liked labs, THIS picture doesn’t say “happy, clumsy lab” to me.

    Just a passing comment.

  31. Oh, I agree with you, Tracie. Yet, I would claim that the dog needs to be accepted, loved, cared for, embraced rather than banished.

    Whenever we get in an adversarial relationship with a part of ourselves, there is usually more suffering ahead rather than a resolution of the difficulty.

    And, please, if anyone thinks I’m being Pollyanna-ish about this, I assure you, I’ve paid my dues in this department. (Not to mention the many, many people I see and have seen in my meditation therapy and spiritual direction practice.)

  32. Just saw this. Tell that black dog “heel!” (and heal. Homonymns are our friends. 🙂

    Prayers for you.

  33. I’m not sure what the photo says to me particularly, other than I think it’s a very well-crafted piece. I’d like to do something similar with our chocolate lab. Interestingly, he disappears into a background more readily than a black dog. He’s like canine camo.

  34. Praying for you, MP. You’re very brave. Imagine Jesus giving that sad old dog a pat on the head. (I’m feeling soppy today.)

  35. Very wise comment, Ellie Finlay.

    Prayers for madpriest, for new avenues into light and joy again.