1. One wonders, at least various ¨ones¨ in the New World, how/why Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury seems to blow almost every opportunity to make a clear, honest and straight forward spiritual statement…one suspects (in the New World less Jamaica/West Indies) that Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, plays devils advocate with himself until he doesn´t know up from down, left from right (nor does anyone whom he is addressing).

  2. How can someone who is “unarmed” shoot himself? And to state the obvious, it “can’t have been much fun” to be a child packed in a cattle car and headed to the ovens of Hitler’s death machine.

  3. Ah, Newsbiscuit! The English equivalent of “The Onion!”

    Or is it? I tend to equate biscuit with English. . .

  4. BooCat: it is satire. One should never explain a joke but this is a play off of Rowan’s equivocation about OBL’s meeting with fate this week.

  5. I am assuming that the disappearance of the Regret post suggests further regret? Good to see the usual banter occurring.

  6. Welcome back, MP.

    I thought the item was true. The fact that I could believe it was true tells you something about the archbishop, (as well as me).

  7. Ah, but your an innocent Antipodean. A man without guile to whom cynicism is a completely unknown concept. So I’m not surprised you took it at face value, Boaz.

    There was a fine Aussie called Boaz,
    Whose mind was as sharp as a topaz.
    But a good Pommie joke
    Would just confuse the bloke
    So his friend, MadPriest, called him a right spazz.

  8. That’s not bad Mad One. And quick too.

    I’m off to the 10am Eucharist in 15 minutes. By the way it’s a beautiful day here in Sydney (Mother’s Day) and not a cloud in the sky. We’ve had a lot of rain lately, so that’s saying something. Have a good sleep!

  9. Thanks, Boaz. That’s a real compliment coming, as it did, from the Master.

    There won;t be any more because I’ve pretty much used up all the words that rhyme with Boaz.

  10. Thanks, Dennis. Some times things sail right over my head. It simply sounded like something I could actually hear escaping the ABC’s lips. Add to that, I am practically brain dead from sleep deprivation. I have just learned that I am no longer young enough to stay up for 28 hours straight and still be able to understand anything about anything.

  11. I’m relieved to know that Lambeth has wisely decided NOT to release any photos of the Archbishop. He is frightening.

  12. Oh dear. You’re going to be in big trouble with Mimi now.

    Not at all. I stand firm in my opposition to explaining jokes. The humor disappears with explanation. Poof!

  13. MP, if the ABC would have the COE give you a job, I’d bet you would kiss his ass. Bartley

  14. I don’t like Williams’ response on Osama. However, he was asked point blank and did say he had incomplete information.

    He should’v, ideally, declined to answer on those grounds, but I’ve never known Rowan to allow a lack of information to keep him from having an “informed opinion.”