There's over six minutes of this. As I'm pretty certain that I won't be dipping my hand into the indulgence jar much on this one I'm willing to offer a massive six thousand days off purgatory for any suicidal wretches out there who manage to get all the way through it.

I think that the playing of this specific record is an ideal time to draw your attention to the rules of "Where Does He Find Them?" in particular Rule 59, paragraph 4b. This clearly states that if a person dies during the course of listening to one of these tunes from hell and if concerned friends do not remove that person's body from the room before the ending of the track, then the deceased person qualifies for all the days off purgatory that would have been awarded if the person had survived the experience. These hard earned indulgences can be surrendered on arrival in purgatory or saved to be spent at a later date. OCICBW... is the blog that cares.



  1. OMG OMG I’m at work right now so I can’t listen (the bosses don’t like us listening to streaming anything on our computers here) but I can’t wait to get home and hear THIS. 6K days off purgatory! Must be a serious stinker!

  2. but why????

    It’s my Celtic blood, I think. The spirituality of no gain without pain. On the other hand, I might just be a sadist.

  3. I tried to cut this crud off at 6 seconds but it took me a few, so stunned was I to reach the mouse pad and hit the stop. So total I suffered for 14. Horrible!


  4. Okay, this one I’m going to try, But first, must remember to dial down the volume from the Loud Friday level – Aha!

  5. Well. The out of tune guitar is the most painful bit. The voice is just boring. I actually had to dial the volume up more toward Loud Friday levels to hear the voice -after all, 6k days off purgatory, one should suffer a bit I think. Now, however, having listened all the way through, my face is in a permanent squinty sort of trying-to-avoid-the-sound rictor. Oh dear – the ironic bit is that after listening to this, I need all the time I can get IN purgatory in order to recover!

  6. Truth at last: MP is a sadist; no doubt about it. How else could he inflict that disaster on an insufficiently-warned public? Yes, he said some unkind things about it, but six thousand days off purgatory isn’t nearly enough. I survived 21 seconds.


    I’m going to have my revenge on MP…oh yes, I will…I’ll find something that tops even this…

    Meanwhile you’d better hope the Dept. of Homeland Security doesn’t dispatch the SEALs after your butt, because of this terroristic assault on our ears.

  8. C’MON!!!!!! – it’s not that bad. The random chord changes are kind of mesmerizing in a chaotic sort of way, and his distorted and pained singing is weirdly haunting over the clichéd “America” major 7ths. He’s certainly a troubled soul, but credit to him for not trying to hide that. It’s not much worse than Tom Wait’s latest efforts, but a whole lot rawer and grittier.

    6,000 days please, & I’m going back for more. Heaven knows I need all I can get 😉