The voting of $15 million for themselves by TEC bishops certainly sets off the alarm bells in my head. But I'm no expert on such things so check out Mark's post at PRELUDIUM for an accurate account of what is going down.



  1. They aren’t voting themselves 15 million. A group of them anounced a special fund raising campaign to set up an endowment that will fund a school that trains newly elected bishops. Church itself will not supply the 15 mil, but individuals might choose to contribute. We’ll see. This is an admission that bishops are not simply born knowing everything they will need to know to do a good job in their new role.

  2. Good headline, MP.

    You know, I have received two pieces of snail mail from the bishop/diocese since losing my position.(That’s a euphemism for being sacked.) Both were asking ME for money!

    Crass, at the very least.

    The bishops really need to be sensitive to how this comes across.

    It has been well pointed out elsewhere that they already have security and resources for their well-being only dreamed of by the vast majority of people in this country.

  3. It is likely they know that the money won’t be forthcoming in anything like $15m. My hunch is that someone figures that if they ask for 15 they will over time raise the 2 or 3 they hope for.

    It is in a way an interesting admission. Clearly the church has or should have an interest in teaching bishops how to do their jobs. Clearly the seminaries are not doing that job, nor is the church. Clearly too the funding picture for the national organization is grim enough they do not think the seminars, courses etc they need will be on offer.


  4. I’m quite happy to teach your bishops how to do their job. A retainer of $100000 a year will do me just fine (plus medical insurance and housing, of course – oh, and one of those big American cars too please).

  5. If bishops want educating, have them spend time amongst the laity they lead – that should be the only education they need. If not, they shouldn’t be bishops.