Annoyed at the success of the Mercy Ship initiative, The Episcopal Church in the United States has dipped its toes in the maritime missionary water with the launching of their new project, the M.V. Zeta-Schori.

Project manager, Deputy Mark Harris, told OCICBW... that they had to cut costs on the ship's construction due to the pressing need in the Church to finance the education of its bishops. But he is confidant that they will still be able to bring comfort to those most in need.

The ship will be crewed by members of the House of Deputies and their first mercy mission will be to the Avondale Sky Winery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Full details at CBC NEWS.

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NOAH REDUX — 5 Comments

  1. But SRSLY—

    Sad to see an Anglican Church no longer used for its higher purpose . . . but if it can’t be, a winery is not TOO far off it’s original function! 😉

  2. RE: “But he is confidant…”

    Pardon me, but my inner English professor is having kittens.

    That should read: “But he is confident…” not “confidant.”

    just sayin’