Tomorrow it is local election day in Newcastle Upon Tyne. As usual it will be a two ass race between the Liberals and the Labour Party (the Tories are not highly regarded by the unemployed masses of Geordie Land). Both parties seem to have only one intent should they become the majority party on the council and that is to make life for us as miserable as possible by bringing in as many local ordinances as possible designed to stop us enjoying ourselves and to make getting from point a to point b as difficult and as expensive as possible. The Liberals are the worst. They are fixated with bus lanes, cycle paths and teachers with children. Unfortunately this has resulted in chaos on the roads, near death experiences for pedestrians who used to be able to walk through their local park without being run down by lycra clad old men on pushbikes and the most obnoxious generation of middle class brats Newcastle has ever known.

So, I tend to vote for the candidates with the least chance of winning so, at least, nobody can blame me for the fact it now takes them four times as long to get into work and have to take out a second mortgage to pay for a day's car parking. Last time I voted for the Green Party with great success - they polled 700 votes and lost their deposit.

But my voting system is not just based on a selfish desire to avoid responsibility. I do also think that it is a Christian's duty to always support the underdog especially if they have been having a hard time of it recently.

This year I'm voting for the Al-Qaeda candidate.



  1. The approaching financial debacle will do one thing for us: government will HAVE to get a lot smaller, because there won’t be the money to support the current bureaucracy or body of intrusive laws, so much of this will go away or not be enforced. It’s long overdue. The bad thing, of course, is the poor and outcast will be bearing the brunt of the cuts that are coming, as usual. Here in Texas, the Republicans are so intent on cutting budgets, they will actually be losing money – in cutting aid to the poor, states often lose matching US government funds, which often are much greater than the amount the states cut. Can’t be more short-sighted than that…..

  2. Can’t be more short-sighted than that…..

    Oh, please, Strangelove. Never set an elected representative such a challenge! 🙂

  3. No, Wendy. I think it’s you, me and everybody else in the whole damn world who isn’t a teacher and I expect there’s quite a high proportion of teachers who think their own kids are obnoxious brats.

  4. “Can’t be more short-sighted than that”

    Ummm… you have not heard of Wisconsin? Their idiot governor would not only consider that a challenge he would slap it aside.


  5. Can a party still field a candidate if the leader of that non-democratic party is dead? The seals will get you. On another point, I twittered your blog post on the cartwheeling verger. Was there any traffic from Twitter as a result?

  6. if enough people let their cynicism guide them at the polls, strange things can happen

    On Monday, enough Quebecers expressed their displeasure with the dominant parties (the Bloc Québecois, the Conservatives and the Liberals) that they gave 58 of 75 seats to the New Democrats, including at least 20 who never even campaigned in their ridings beyond putting up a few signs. The kicker was a unilingual anglophone who spent half the campaign on vacation in Las Vegas, and yet won with more than 45% of the vote in a 97% francophone, staunchly separatist riding.

    unfortunately, the rest of the country wasn`t so inclined, and now Stephen Harper has a majority government.

  7. Was there any traffic from Twitter as a result?

    I’m afraid I have no idea how to discover the answer to that question. But I know I get quite a bit of extra traffic if I am mentioned on Facebook, and I guess it will be similar for Twitter.

    Whatever, thank you very much, J, and please continue to give me a heads up on Twitter when you think it appropriate.