"Chit Chat" is a weekly an occasional posting in which I simply give you a word, or short phrase, and you then just waffle on about the subject in any way you see fit.

If the number of comments on any one Chit Chat post gets to fifty, all those who have commented will receive 500 days off purgatory. Should the comments ever reach one hundred I will grant all the participants a general plenary. Now, you don't get offers like that on Facebook!

There's been a lot of talk about hell this week so as I always aim for balance at OCICBW... you starter today is the word:


Where you take it is completely up to you.


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  1. Great picture!! Adorable!!

    Me…I’m starting to wonder if Valhalla is preferable. There, men get to chow down on roast pork, drink lots of beer, ogle hot Viking women with DDDs, spar with sharp pointy things, and prepare to dispatch the Jotnar at the Ragnarok.

    I just don’t see what’s not to like! 😉

  2. There’d better be chocolate, that’s all I’m sayin’. If there’s no chocolate in heaven, God and I will need to have a rather serious discussion.

  3. Oh, thank you very much, Susan. This is supposed to be a light-hearted thread. But you had to go and make me cry.

  4. I know very little of it. There will be a very joyous party, of that I am certain. With lovely quiet spaces. And Kazan, the family dog, will be waiting at the gate for me. Given those two firm beliefs I am content.

  5. I did not really believe that there was a heaven before but after losing both parents and more recently my dad, I now hope there is a heaven and they are there in the presence of God. I do not know if this will only be during the intense grief I feel at the moment.

  6. Where X can equal Not X. Where “Too Good to Be True” isn’t.

    Nod to good ol’ Jack (CS) Lewis:

    “Where the Story Never Ends, and each chapter is better than the last.”

  7. {{{susankay}}}

    Mitzi and Sasha, and Bro, and Smokey. Every cold nose, every Golden Tail.

  8. A place with perfect weather, good food, great beer, the Library of Alexandria (with an infinite budget for new acquisitions), and the presence of loved ones who have gone before.

    Oh…and those Viking women with the DDDs sound nice, too ;->

  9. Ah, yes.

    Miss Fancey. St. Bean. Gizmo. All my furbabies.

    And, of course an exuberant “HEY PEANUT!” from my dad. Oh, oh, oh, to hear those words again.

  10. Heaven… by the dashboard light…

    No, wait, that was paradise.

    Hmmm, are heaven and paradise the same thing?