If the British had decided to do to the I.R.A. terrorists what the U.S. navy seals did to Bin Laden in Pakistan, it would have necessitated the S.A.S. being sent into New York City.


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  1. You’re funny.

    I think you mean “Boston” considering that the IRA was receiving financial support from within that city.

  2. I’m preemptively declaring neutrality in the upcoming conflagration…

  3. Boston, Chicago, those I could imagine. New York not so much. I suspect we are seeing a certain Euro-blindness that cannot tell us apart. Here is a hint, there are more Irish in Chicago than Dublin.

    That said, “well yeah.” Indeed there were leaders of IRA who were sheltering in Boston or Chicago and whom if the SAS could have gotten a head shot, we might know a bit more. Or not! Several died with our cops saying it was a result of “factional violence.” At the time one of the pubs the joke was “the SAS are an IRA faction now!”


  4. Like Jim said. There were a few suspicious Irish deaths in Chicago in the 70s and early 80s that were rumored to be either Brit hits or US government hits at the request of the UK gov.

    You don’t think that MI6 and the SAS respect international boundaries any more than the CIA and our government’s special forces, do you? Honestly?

  5. This post is nothing more than an observation on how one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter and how what goes around comes around.

    I’m not accusing anybody of anything except having short memories.

  6. Like Tracie said.
    They would have had to take out one of my high school teachers.

  7. Absolutely. A fair amount of money was raised by Noraid in those Boston bars.


  8. Betty Williams, she of the Nobel Peace Prize, said Butte MT sent more money to the IRA than NY City. I had a good Irish friend, who was constantly avoiding INS, who started in NY and wound up in Butte. God only knows where he is now.