10 years... trillions of dollars... thousands of soldiers dead... state of the art technology and the US finally found
Bin Laden.... his house!



  1. I wonder if he was in the telephone directory.
    Of course I wonder about a lot of things: how he defended himself while unarmed, why the body was deep sixed so fast and so on.

    Pray for the soul of Osama bin Laden and his victims everywhere.

  2. As pithy as the quote is, it is mistaken, it is not true.

    Actually it was not OBL’s house. OBL was hiding in a very secretive, trusted curriers house. And it seems no one who lived around this house knew that OBL was there.

    According to Obama in his SUnday evening announcement and a number of video and print news reports, it has taken since last AUG to run the information regarding this currier to ground. They found this currier when he called someone else whom they were monitoring.

  3. The burial at sea occurred Father Stowe for two reported reasons;

    1. The US did not want to stir the Islamic world needlessly and so wished to bury him within the 24 hour period required by Islam and no Islamic nation would consent to do so in that timeframe.

    2. The US did not wish to create a martyr’s pilgrimage site by giving the remains a known earth burial location.

  4. Yeah trillions of dollars. Someone in the CIA should have sneaked into Radio Rentals head office and made up a false account for Mr Osama Bin Laden. Something like:

    “6 months rental of television (46″) and stereo (micro system)…$336.00 .”

    Just follow the debt collector. Let him or her do all the work.

    “Hello Mr Bin Laden, I’m from Radio Rentals, hope your enjoying your tele but it has come to our attention….” then SWOOP!

  5. This is the first great laugh I’ve had in the whole bin Laden thing. Thank you!

    And I am so snagging this for my own blog!

    David/DahVeed, kindly give it a rest. MadPriest was making a joke, and a very great one it was! Relax, already.

  6. Oh, get real, Dahveed. Of course that’s not a joke to me. None of the statements were a joke. But MP’s post was a joke. And a very clever one at that.
    Kindly get over yourself. You are not the National Policeman of OCICBW! Sometimes, we play here.

  7. Don’t blame MP for the post, blame some American (not me, ‘cuz it wasn’t me who made the comment). MP is just the messenger.

  8. Absolutely, Our Trace. Although everything I am personally responsible for on this blog is always in the best possible taste, I cannot be held responsible for the sick humour of my depraved readership.

  9. There are things in MY HOME that I haven’t seen since I moved in!! Hiding somewhere in a corner, in a drawer, behind a book…. right where I should be looking… and I cannot find them!!

    Ask JCF!! There are things lost in my loft that may never be found… even if I move!!

    For all I know, ObL could have been hiding in my place & I would never have seen him.

    OTOH, if ObL had been hiding in my place, my kitty would have gone into permanent hiding, because he doesn’t like visitors!!

    and, isn’t it true that you always find things in the last place you would look?

  10. Do you have Lord Lucan by any chance? Or maybe even, Elvis? Glen Miller? And there’s a whole load of stuff last seen crossing the Bermuda Triangle that we are still looking for. Would you check behind your fridge just one more time just in case they’ve fallen down the back?

  11. MP, for you, I will pull out the fridge, check the freezer, empty the back cupboards…

    but the kitty is the best indicator of another person being in here & he’s sleeping peacefully in the chair by the window. As JCF would say, he’s being a solar kitty.

    Going to check for LL & E & Glenn. There might be a portal to the Bermuda Triangle in here, too!

  12. There might be a portal to the Bermuda Triangle in here

    That’s more likely than you probably realise. We’ve got a wormhole in our house that drags in items of cutlery, car keys, battery rechargers and all sorts of stuff when you are not looking. I used to think it was just Mrs MP whose idea of cleaning up is to grab hold of everything within reach and throw it in the bin without checking first. But she assures me that it is in fact a wormhole.

  13. I am sorry that my English was not good enough to understand it as a joke. It seemed very real to me and I did not see it as funny. I actually live in a war zone. I have lost friends, family and acquaintances over the last four years who were civilian and military casualties. I was caught in a gun battle between the military, federal and state police and robbers in downtown Monterrey just 5 days ago.

    I have a right to voice an opinion, even if my opinion is off track from misunderstanding something. I comment here every day, even if just to show that I have taken in the prayer requests.

  14. Dah • veed, if you look up the definition of “irony,” you will find this post.

    Of course, that is irony itself.

  15. If skittles can’t find stuff in her place, it might also be cuz it’s still clogged w/ a few boxes of my stuff. :-X