Here is a service of evening prayer on the occasion of the Royal Wedding with MadPriest weaving his usual musical magic.

MP3 File

The iTune link and the text for the service,  should you wish to join in, can be found at ST. LAIKA'S . Otherwise just sit back and enjoy (or gnash your teeth if you're a miserable, spoilsport traitor).

These were my favourite moments. I love the photo of the ordinary couple in the middle. My, we have come a long way since the Charles and Diana gig.



  1. I set my alarm for 4:40 am and joined the HD live action on The Royal Channel on YouTube as the bride was leaving her hotel. (It was the BBC live feed.)

    I loved the Abbey with those trees. It was absolutely beautiful with them towering above the congregation and the Abbey’s arches soaring even higher above the trees. But I probably could have gotten them 10 trees, in and out, for less than US$80,000.00!

    With each passing day HRH, the Prince Henry, looks less and less like his male relatives as they all loose their hair, and his keeps going strong. I am starting to believe the rumor must be true.

    Who were the frumpy nuns? Everyone else looked spectacular, or at least tried to, especially the church guys, but they could have used a little help. But why were they there? And in the Procession?

    I saw that they managed to get one token female priest in the line up, though with nothing to do.

  2. …and they’ll put you under their frumpy, black skirts. That was one of the dire punishments that we worried about as little children. I kid you not. Nothing more than a New Orleans urban legend, I’m sure, although I’ve heard that some parents actually threatened their kids with the punishment. 50 some odd years ago were more innocent times.

  3. I loved every minute of the royal wedding. Gorgeous music and liturgy, truly a service of worship most of all, the beautiful pageantry notwithstanding. It was worth every shilling. I’m sure that even my late, great Daughter of the American Revolution mother would join me in saying, “God save the Queen!”

  4. An “L” placard is fixed on the front grill of the JU5T WED convertible. ¿They’re Learners?


  5. I made a list of 6 or 7 things which hit me during the service. One of them was the panning to Sir Elton and his spouse. Good for them. Good for us.

  6. Yes, that was impressive, Bruce. But nowhere near as impressive as the fact that both Williams and Chartres had both had their beards trimmed.

  7. Honestly, I thought that last photo, of the Astin Martin getaway was one of your absolutely best photoshops, MP, until, that is, I saw the news coverage tonight. Excellent – the two of them on the streets on their own – well, except for the thousands lining those streets. I had a great time today indulging myself in liturgy, music, pageantry and beauty. God bless ’em.

  8. I love the fact that his mates on the helicopter crew took the mick out of him before the wedding by drinking out of royal wedding mugs in the canteen.

    I’m also impressed that he pops into the local village shop to pick up a bottle of milk on his way back to his barracks.

    A lot of people will say “so what?” But I think it’s incarnational – but then I am a priest who pops in his local for a pint wearing his dog-collar.

  9. One of the little “extras” of the wedding that I thought was really cool was the WWII era planes doing the flyby when everyone was standing on the balcony. I heard that Spitfire’s Merlin engine sing and thought “yeah baby, that’s the sound of British freedom right there.” It is such a beautiful thing. And then they zoomed right over the palace and I about melted.

    Yes, I’m a girl geek, I admit it.

  10. I had the same thought, DVBB!!! *LOL*

    Honestly, w/ all the Pro & Anti Royals/Wedding, I’m just kind of “Whatever”. Neither stirs the blood, nor provokes me to RAGE. If you enjoyed it, great. If not, I hope you found something else to do [I’m going to try to get to my DVR’d copy sometime in the next few days—maybe the night before my 2nd Mammogram, when I want something (anxiety) diverting?—but I’m sure I’m going to fast-forward through much of it.]

  11. I wonder if I might ask a couple of questions I have after watching this wedding.

    AS a medieval re-enactor, I know a lot of the customs seen here date back to the medieval period if not further. But some of them seem kind of…not consistent?

    For example, I notice that Harry and William both wore spurs on their boots going into the church – this is a mark of their knighthood, which per tradition indicates their freedom to ride unhindered through the realm. They also wore sword slings on their left hips – but there were no swords in them. Some people have said that they wouldn’t wear a sword when going into the church. OK fine, but Charles, Andrew and Philip all had swords which they bore into the church. I think all of them wore swords to their weddings, right up to the altar. All these men are Knights of the Garter. How is it William and Harry could not bear their weapons inside, yet Philip, Charles and Andrew did? I think I saw a couple of other uniformed men who had swords too.

    Traditionally a sword, like the spurs, has been a sign of the nobility and one’s rank. To not have one is rather notable.

    Like I said, I’m such a geek and very interested in these little customs and traditions and whatnot; those of us of the Empire of Adria would like to reproduce these customs as accurately as possible (our time period begins with the Norman invasion of 1066 and concludes with the death of Elizabeth I in 1603). If anyone can fill me in on this…thanks millions!

  12. Also a great way to start the Beltane/May Day weekend. Yay fertility! Break out the Maypoles and let’s bring a whole new meaning to pole dancing!