From Erika:

Jane R posted this status update about Göran on Facebook earlier today:

Friends of Göran Koch-Swahne: Göran was away from FB for 10-12 days. Turns out he was in hospital w/ combination of very bad flu & double(-sided) pneumonia. He lost 12 kilos and he was already pretty skinny to begin with. Spoke w/him via msg last night but now he has been taken back to hospital early this a.m. It doesn't sound good. Please send prayers and healing thoughts.


From Suzer:

Would you please include a prayer request for all those suffering the devastation of yesterday's storms here in the Southeast? We were spared, thank God, but it was a wild night of tornado warnings going off continually. The twisters hit north of where we live in Georgia. Alabama was hardest hit. I'm including a link to a video from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This was a huge, huge tornado. I've never seen one like it. I don't even know if our Birmingham office is open today -- we haven't heard from them yet. And we are only beginning to take a look at the damage in Georgia, as our storms hit overnight in the dark, so assessing the destruction is starting now that daylight has arrived.


Tornadoes and violent storms ripped through seven southern states, killing at least 284 people in the country's deadliest series of twisters in nearly four decades. The clusters of powerful tornadoes - more than 160 reported in total - combined with storms to cut a swath of destruction heading west to east over several days. In some areas, whole neighborhoods were flattened, cars flipped over and trees and power lines felled, leaving tangled wreckage. At least 184 people died in Alabama, the worst-hit state which suffered massive destruction of property.



  1. Prayers for Goran, and for all affected by the storms. A friend of ours is missing an uncle in Alabama — waiting to hear if he will be found alive. So overwhelming and sad. Thanks for the prayers, everyone.