I am definitely resigned now to never working for the Church of England again. It's not that I don't want to but, after having 75 applications rejected, only a fool wouldn't come to the conclusion that it is they who don't want me. It hurts but I have to suck it up as my wife won't put up with me moping around feeling sorry for myself for much longer. Anyway, the Bishop of Newcastle has made it perfectly clear that the diocese will no longer allow me stay in my home for the last ten years without me paying for the privilege. So, it's time to move on.

I am slowly getting used to the idea of having a sort of priesthood on the internet through OCICBW... and St. Laika's. To begin with I had problems equating blogging with work but I don't any longer. I can honestly say that I put in far more hours preparing everything for Holy Week, especially at St. Laika's, than I ever did when I was parish based (and I was no slouch then). Fortunately it has been very much worth it. For example, seven hundred people listened to the Tenebrae service between Holy Saturday evening and Easter morning (and that was just via my blog - I don't know how many people downloaded the podcast via iTunes).

But there are some cold, hard facts to address now. If I am to continue this work and mission, this fresh expression of church, I need the financial backing of people who believe it to be worthwhile. Thirty five readers of OCICBW... already do so and very generously but collectively the donations only add up to £500 per month which is not enough if I am not living in church accommodation. Just the running of my various websites, the cost of my servers who host my audio files and the paying of royalties for the music played at St. Laika's, comes to well in excess of a hundred pounds every month.

So, I need help, and you are the only people I can ask for help. If you can afford to do so, if you do not do so already and if you feel so inclined please consider sponsoring my ministry on a regular basis or, if you would rather not commit to that, make a one of off donation to help pay for this Lent and Easter's podcasts.

Details of how to donate can be found on the right hand sidebar of this blog under the heading, "MadPriest is appealing."

Regard it as your contribution towards the mission of the Church, if you want. This would not be a lie as St. Laika's is reaching out beyond the walls of the Church into peoples' homes and it's success, even at this early stage of its existence, demonstrates that there is a need for such a ministry.

May God bless you all this Eastertide and may God bless MadPriest. Let's bring on the Kingdom together!



  1. Yes, the Tenebrae was very, very beautiful.

    It is my sincere prayer that people will rally and support this ministry.

    I must say, I think it is bewildering that 700 people would listen to a service and not contribute. If those people went to a brick and mortar church for a service, they would think nothing of throwing a couple of bucks in the plate. I imagine they’re just not thinking of it that way here.

  2. MP, I was so thrilled to see you post the Tenebrae service; I haven’t heard one since I served as cantor at my old home state parish church around 18 years ago.The evangelical, Southern conservative Episcopalians ‘round here don’t go in for such stuff.

    I will support you as soon as I am able. The bankruptcy is a bit rocky now; the trustee decided to muck it up a bit but I’m hopeful that things will soon be settled.

    For whatever reason (depression?) I was unable to attend any brick and mortar services this year though I really tried. I just couldn’t bring myself to go and overlook all the things that upset me so at these conservative churches. Your services were my Holy Week and Easter. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

    And may God bless Mad Priest, indeed!

    WV: sufferla. Hmmm.

  3. I was unable to attend any brick and mortar services this year

    Same here and for similar reasons.

    St. Laika’s is a lifeline for me as well. The fact that people are now relying on them (or at least enjoying them) is good for me. I was so depressed about Easter Sunday this year (as in “what about my resurrection?”) that I wasn’t going to record an Easter service. But my wife reminded me, very forcefully, of my responsibilities, and I repented and prepared one. Of course, I am now glad I did.

  4. A truly happy Easter to you and yours, MP. May your Bright Week be exceedingly bright!

  5. Your church is as irrelevant as the bricks and mortar church. Religion is a waste of time, even as a mutual admiration society.
    Find a real job.

  6. Hi Mad Priest.
    Came across you via Pluralist Speaks. Very similar story it seems – yours and mine. I am also a C of E priest but relinquished my orders this year after deciding a year ago that I could be a better friend (to the C of E) on the outside than an unhappy priest within. But how to survive whne you know that preisthood IS your calling? Well i do a few things – I’m a writer (though books do not bring in much income) and I occasionally get magic gigs (I’m a stage magician) and a few bespoke ceremonies but I’m currently surviving on less than a quarter of a Priest’s stipend, so I fully sympathise with you. Anyway if you fancy a chat some time contact me via my website
    Blessings and light.

  7. Hey Madpriest, I dropped out for awhile (busy life… blah blah) have just rejoined to find you appealing. Happy to do so. You are a good cause. I just thought boring but true that you might like to know…I couldn’t get the subscribe button to work on this site. Tried twice. So I made a donation then it dropped me back into the St.Laika’s site with the Easter service and funnily enough from there…I could make a subscription. We’re not talking big bucks but still I’m happy to give. Keep up the spirit. I enjoy reading your blogs and you speak my kind of language.

  8. Hi, Melissa. I just want to say “Thank you” and I do so because I consider this my parish. In supporting MadPriest, you are supporting me.

    I really like your attitude. It’s refreshing! (Oh, and welcome back.)