Our good friend, Terry, has posted another of his excellent "Best Of" lists on his educational resource site, THEOLOGY DEGREES.

This one is entitled "For Better or For Worse: Top 10 Gay Marriage Blogs," and anybody with an interest in the issues surrounding same sex, long term relationships should check it out to make sure their blogroll is up to date.

And while you're at it, check out the rest of this website as it is bulging with interesting stuff like the swimming trunks of a lifeguard working on a nudist beach.



  1. Well, he could kick that home of bigotry, Pam’s House Blend off the list and put your blog in its place, IT. You certainly don’t want to be on the same list.

  2. I always side with those who are bullied rather than the bullies, even when the bullies are gay. I also don’t forget my comrades in arms after I get what I want. Pam, on the other hand, obviously sees trans-gender people as a liability, an obstacle in the way of gay acceptance in society, an embarrassment that should be ignored by “normal” gay people.

  3. You think that? I don’t think she would give such prominence to trans issues and Autumn’s columns if that were true. I’ve never had that sense (disclosure: I’ve met Autumn–we both live in San Diego). In fact, of the LGBT blogs I read, Pam’s is the most explicit about trans-inclusiveness.

  4. In my experience, the major gay bloggers (Pam, Joe.My.God, Bilerico, Towleroad) are Trans-inclusive . . . it’s a (very) few of their gay READERS who are major bigots against Trans people.

  5. Towleroad covered the Maryland fiasco with insight, complete fairness and compassion. Pam’s House Blend just held to the Equality Maryland line. As I said elsewhere, I have to side with transgender folk because they were the ones directly affected by the poorly worded proposals. Therefore, it was their choice. I have always followed this rule whatever minority is fighting for their rights.