From my local newspaper, THE CHRONICLE.

The Church of England was today under pressure to explain why it employed a verger at Newcastle Cathedral – knowing he had a sex conviction. MPs today called for an investigation after (a man), who worked at St Nicholas’s Cathedral, was found guilty of three counts of indecently assaulting a boy in Llandaff, Cardiff, 20 years ago. The 58-year-old already had a previous conviction for gross indecency in a public toilet with another man.

Jurors at Cardiff Crown Court heard how he worked as a head verger in a church in Wales, where he groomed and indecently assaulted the schoolboy.

North East MPs today branded the case a disgrace and called for the Church of England to be “held accountable”.

Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle’s central constituency, told the Chronicle today: “I think the church is accountable for who it employs. Faith is put in the church for people chosen to take on positions of such great trust as Mr Adams. When that trust is broken there are terrible consequences.

“I expect the church in Newcastle to explain itself in this case and be held accountable on how and why this man was employed.

“I would like to see that the church’s investigations into how this happen are open and honest. They need to understand the deep sense of betrayal these crimes engender.”

COMMENT: Oh, the story I could tell.



  1. MPs call for an investigation? How many MadPriests are there? 😉

    I BET there are stories, multiple.

  2. I expect there will soon be a vacancy for a verger at a Cathedral near you.
    Had you considered applying for the job?