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Following on from the
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  1. The first that comes to mind is the grunting-whimpering noises of excited happiness that “Coco” (my neighbor’s Puggle) makes when she sees me. “I love you! I love you! I love you!” could not be articulated any clearer (per usual, humans have so much to learn from dogs!)

  2. I’ve checked KJ, and the Steller’s Jay is not a native of England. You’re shooting from a gun with an empty clip, my friend.

  3. When we lived in the woods in southeastern Pennsylvania, we had wood thrushes. Their call was so haunting. It wasn’t really spring until we heard it. They winter south of the border. When we move to our place there were very few. Because we protected our wildlife, and didn’t do things like prettify the grounds, by the time we had to leave, several years later, the woods were full of them all spring and summer, into early September.

    I miss them.

    For my fellow U.S. Americans the blackbird MP knows so well is in the thrush family, like my wood thrush. Our blackbirds do not have such a lovely song. They are in the icterid family along with starlings. Here’s the link.

  4. 3 Favorites:

    Loons calling to each other in the early evening on a Northern lake. Once you hear that cry you never forget it.

    The purr of a Honda inline 4 bike cruising.

    My grand-babies singing anything. If you do not know why, pray you may.


  5. Several things:

    The contented snoring of my little black and white chihuahua, who spent the first ten year of her life in a puppy mill. She smiles, too.

    Purring cats.

    Mocking birds singing in the middle of a summer night.

  6. I think that Alistair Cooke’s favourite sound is mine as well, “The sound of ice tinkling into a glass at 5 pm.”

  7. “I’ve checked KJ, and the Steller’s Jay is not a native of England.”

    Clearly I do not understand the rules, and am beginning to suspect that there are none. Since God has not favored me with the grace of a trip to the land of my ancestors, the only bird native to England that I have ever heard “sing” is the European starling which I regard with the same affection in which you hold the eastern gray squirrel. The starling’s imitation of electrical power lines is…breathtaking.

  8. Mad Priest said,”But what if that mocking bird don’t sing?”

    The odds of those critters not singing are about as good as those of Mama buying you a diamond ring.

  9. Correct answer, Other Jean. You have passed the MadPriest “I may be getting on in years but I’ve still got style” test.

  10. What!!!

    In England the bat is a protected species and throwing a baseball at one, even after a long, cold winter, would result in a hefty fine or even a prison sentence.

    But I think taking pleasure at the sound of such cruelty is even more sickening. You should be ashamed of yourself, whiteycat.

  11. I’m a baseball fan, MP. I’m talking about a wooden bat. Of course, you already know that but you couldn’t resist, could you?

  12. The sound of a cat purring.

    Ocean waves.

    A train chugging by. I used to live very close to some train tracks, and I always loved hearing the trains pass by.

    Dad’s voice saying, “Hey Peanut!” But I won’t hear that again. Saturday would have been his 72nd birthday. :sigh: