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Mother-in-law had been taken into hospital on Wednesday because she’d been very weak and poorly. Because Father-in-law and Sister-in-law had been at the hospital most of the day they decided not to go in and visit in the evening s,o when M-i-l phoned him and asked for her watch, F-i-l took it upon himself to walk to the hospital. Now it’s not that far for you or me but F-i-l is very wobbly on his legs so it probably took him about an hour and when he got there he collapsed. (If you’re going to collapse a hospital is a good place to do it I suppose.)

At first they feared a heart attack but they think it’s angina. He was allowed home yesterday afternoon.

M-i-l has carers who go in twice a day but she won’t let them do anything. She is very confused and forgetful but fiercely independent and doesn’t realise how much F-i-l is struggling.


From Ann Fontaine (posted at WOUNDED BIRD):

Will you pray for my friend and colleague Lou Ann – her neck fusion operation is not fusing like it is supposed to.


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We picked up my Mom from dialysis yesterday. She is very weak after her treatment. Skipp had to lift her in to the car as her legs just couldn’t hold her. It hurts my heart to see her so weakened. She is so very brave. so gentle, so fragile and loving. And she maintains a lovely grace and confidence that fills me with joy. It is all so bittersweet.



Violent protests continued to roil Syria on Sunday as human rights activists reported that President Bashar al-Assad was using soldiers and tanks for the first time against demonstrators and sealing off the port city of Baniyas.



A gunman opened fire with a machine-gun at a crowded shopping centre near Amsterdam, killing six people and injuring 15 others, with children among the victims. The attacker shot himself after the spree at the Ridderhof mall in Alphen aan den Rijn yesterday (9th. April).



Update on Aileen from her husband, Mike.

Aileen is no longer taking steps forward, she is absolutely sprinting! The trach tube has been reduced in size and she is now able to speak quietly but with relative ease. Other than some large holes in her memory, she very much seems herself: funny, witty, caring, all the wonderful things that make her who she is.


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