MADPRIEST DIGS . . . — 5 Comments

  1. It’s Guy Boothby’s “Dr. Nikola” – a sadly forgotten and underrated Victorian-era villain/anti-hero.

    Except for Dr. Nikola’s penchant for vivisection and the Mongol constantly trying to kill him, he and I have a great deal in common.

  2. On, the subject of Victorian villains, I finally watched Dorian Gray with Ben Barnes, Colin Firth, and Ben Chaplin.

    W-ow. Just Wow.

    Usually, I can say that my imagination was far more interesting than what was hinted at in Victorian/Edwardian-era horror – but, in this case, this Dorian was far more depraved and psychotic than I had imagined. Also, the painting’s decline (not revealed until the end), didn’t look like a sort of rubber-mask monster, but reflected a fairly realistic, if horrific, vision of the decay that decades of drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse, sexual excess and its concommitant diseases, exposure to dangerous environments and people, and sheer age would wreak on a human.

    This Dorian was real purty, too!

    Well, not so much toward the very end, but for most of it, yeah.

  3. True enough.

    But the Mongols have always loved me – they keep calling me “Caan.” I keep telling them I was never in Godfather!