Personally, I think the Church would be a lot more vibrant and successful if they were all updated - and not just the Roman catholic ones.

However, I expect this is just a typo and that he is still the same old Cardinal Wuerl without the latest Microsoft updates to his system or interesting surgical implants.


TYPO OF THE DAY — 8 Comments

  1. Use Linux instead of paying Steve Jobs or Bill Gates; be atheist rather than pay someone to talk to somebody who’s not there.

  2. The former Bishop Wuerl was in Seattle when we were in Seattle. This was the time of Archbishop Hunthausen and the Vatican investigation of him and his later retirement. Unknown to the Archbishop, Bishop Wuerl had been sent to Seattle because the Archbishop had been secretly relived of certain faculties as bishop over his diocese by the Vatican and they had been given to Wuerl.

    Wuerl is a real piece of work.