From BBC NEWS (Asia-Pacific):

A magnitude-6.8 earthquake struck in Burma at 1355 GMT on Thursday near the Lao and Thai borders. State radio in Burma said that 65 people had been killed and 111 injured in the quake and that 244 houses, 14 Buddhist monasteries and nine government buildings were damaged. There are fears the casualties could be much higher. The town of Tachileik and surrounding villages in Burma's Shan state appear to have borne the brunt of the earthquake.


Posted by Ormonde Plater at THROUGH THE DUST:

Murdered this week in the New Orleans area:

3/16 Shane Bell 51 M Shot Orleans
Please note the victim from 3/16 has been identified.
3/18 Michael Thomas 37 M Shot Orleans
3/18 Gilda Skinner 26 F Shot/stabbed Orleans
3/19 Kevin Peters 26 M Shot Orleans
3/19 Corey Harris 29 M Shot Orleans
3/20 Mitchell Fobbs 51 M Shot Orleans

Please pray for the victims, their murderers, and their families.


From JCF:

Here is the obituary for my friend Cath.

I will carry with me all of your prayers these last months, when I gather w/ her family and friends on Saturday.


From Cecilia at (UN)CLOSETED PASTOR:

Thank you for adding my dad to your prayer list. His name is Paul.


We continue to pray for our good friend, Strangelove.




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THE PRAYER LIST – 25TH. MARCH 2011 — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks again, MP.

    For those feel inclined (and able), I would like to note the lung cancer foundations listed in Cath’s obit. Lung cancer research is the disrespected black sheep of the cancer family: like AIDS in the bad old days, lung cancer victims are too often seen as “deserving it” (whether they smoked or, like Cathy, never did). It’s a badly underfunded area of research, so if you can help….

    Prayers ascending for all all in need. Thanksgivings for Theo (Aw!) and the lucky dolphin…