The service of daily prayer that I have posted at ST. LAIKA'S today has a definite Lenten feel to it and so is both a bit painful and also very beautiful. I am hoping those of you who are discriminated against and/or persecuted for righteousness sake will find it particularly helpful.

A huge thank you to all those who listened to Sunday's eucharistic service. A staggering 592 people up to now have pressed the play button or downloaded it as a podcast which makes the work cobbling it together so worthwhile - I am a happy MadPriest. You know, I would sell my own grandmother to get that number of people into church on a Sunday morning for Holy Communion. Mind you, my grans died over twenty years ago and I expect by now her ashes are scattered over much of North Buckinghamshire. And the thing is, the deal on my grandmother is strictly, "BUYER TO COLLECT."

Sister Ellie has posted a couple of thought provoking posts, "SOMETHING ABOUT DISTRACTIONS" and "SOMETHING ABOUT HEAVEN," since I last pointed you in the direction of our spiritual space at OCICBW.... Ellie has a house guest this week and a stinking cold, so do forgive her if she is not so prolific over the next few days.

WITH ALL YOUR SOUL: (Podcast 9) MadPriest realising his dream of being a deejay with two hours of real soul music.

TWITCHAT: Our weekly open thread. 
This week's topic is "ANIMAL STARS."

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I am going to attend one more interview for a full time parish priest's post towards the end of next week (full details at CHIN WAG @ OCICBW...). If it doesn't work out I will be handing the direction of my life over to Mrs MP and her career which has always taken second place to mine up to now. This will mean us staying in Newcastle and me only applying for local jobs.

The thing is, this job interview is not only a long way away, it is actually abroad. Due to my fear of flying I am going by car and ferry which is the most expensive option. The bishop who invited me to the interview is kindly offering to pay some of my expenses, but I can't expect his diocese to pay for my phobia and the extra night's accommodation it makes necessary. Due to the traipsing around England I did last week on the interview trail I am now stoney broke. So, if any of you are able to help me out financially on this one I would not only be extremely grateful as usual, I would be extremely grateful in particular.

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