Fuel shortages, icy rain and power outages are hampering Japan's worst humanitarian crisis since World War Two. The sheer numbers in the world's costliest natural disaster (estimated at $250 billion) remain staggering. There are about 21,000 dead or missing, 319,000 people evacuated, 2,131 makeshift shelters, 2.4 million people without access to water and 221,000 households without power.

"There is some improvement in terms of logistics and in getting food and other supplies," said Francis Markus of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies delegation in Tokyo.

"But it is still very difficult."


A pool for storing spent fuel at Japan's crippled nuclear plant is heating up, with temperatures around boiling point. The high temperatures in the spent fuel pool are believed to be the cause of steam which has been drifting from Fukushima Dai-ichi's Unit 2 since yesterday. If water in the pool bubbles away and exposes fuel rods, more radiation would be thrown off.


From Nij:

Please put me on the prayer list - heading to chop shop for new knee soon.


From Laura:

Please pray for my dog, Georgia. She's in a bad way. She's not eating or drinking. We are visiting the vets. Will know more soon.


Posted by Sharon at FROM HERE TO ISTANBUL:

Between 12:00 and 12:15, Istanbul time, Cristy’s stem cell transplantation happened. It took all of about 10 minutes. She is currently sleeping soundly and tomorrow will begin her regimen of walking the halls of the bone marrow transplant unit every two hours. She’ll be closely monitored over the next 10 days to ensure that the transplant is indeed working and that her body is building an entirely new autoimmune system. She has been told that the next few days will be difficult but that she will soon experience an upswing in her physical health as her system continues to regenerate itself. She likens this process to a complete oil change and refers to Dr. Gulbas as her master mechanic.

Thanks be to God and thanks to all of those who have sent prayers and thoughts and contributions! We’re not finished yet but we are now on the other side. Please keep those prayers and thoughts and contributions coming!


From Sam Norton at ELIZAPHANIAN:

Please send up a prayer for my dog Ollie (black lab) - he snapped his cruciate ligament in his right knee last week and had to have an emergency op on Friday; I'm taking him for a check up this afternoon. He's a very poorly three legged beastie at the moment, but we're trying extra hard to make a fuss of him.


Posted by Jay Simser

I have been diagnosed with actinic keratosis lesions. Treatment is important because AK's may turn into a skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. I have a prescription to put on it before I go to bed at night. It is not inexpensive. The tube costs $154. The description of the treatment says that I "may notice skin irritation which means the product is working.



Posted by Lois Keen at RAMBLINGS WITH LOIS:

Four years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. 2007 was "the year of cancer".

This morning at 8:00 a.m. was my fourth annual follow-up mammogram, and ALL IS WELL!!!

"See you next year" she said! I can breathe again.


Posted by John Shuck at SHUCK AND JIVE:

With only 52 presbyteries left to vote, the results will be trickling in the for the next two months. Of those 52 we need 16 more YES votes to reach 87 and remove the PC (USA) version of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

It is hard to believe we are this close after all these years of struggle for equality.


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THE PRAYER LIST – 22ND. MARCH 2011 — 11 Comments

  1. Before my pecadillos in home remodeling, I had actinic keratosis and the cream treatment worked very well indeed – even got rid of a true cancer tumor on my right ear. Better than having the GP or local surgeon punch holes in your skin to remove the tumors.

  2. Prayers for all and a prayer of Thanksgiving for my making it through my hearing this morning. It was touch and go but I came through with the support of the mighty prayer warriors of OCICBW and the masterful pastoral care of MP.

    And for fellow disco lovers, may Loleatta Holloway rest in peace and rise in glory and may light perpetual shine upon her beautiful voiced-soul.

  3. I’m sad to report that Georgia died during the night. She (most likely) had a hemangiosarcoma, a tumor of the blood vessels in the (probably) spleen. We didn’t know anything about it until it was far gone. I’m glad the death was quick. She was running in the fields up until last Thursday. I wish I could have been with her, but I’m also glad she’s not suffering. She was a sweet, lovely dog and I will miss her.

  4. Oh {{{LKT}}}.

    May you and the rest of Georgia’s pack be comforted by her memories.

    Enjoy your Golden Tail, Georgia.

    @ (beautiful) Ollie: HEAL! 🙂

    Prayers ascending for all in need…

  5. Prayers for all mentioned here – especially the ill and those who have suffered loss.

    I have a houseguest at the moment (and will for the rest of the week) and so will probably not post as much as usual.

    Love and blessings to all here.

  6. I don’t accept your feeble excuse, Ellie. Get your houseguest to join us. Unless, of course, your guest is not of the human species, in which case send us some soppy photos!

  7. Ha! That’s just like you, MadPriest.

    Actually, it’s a priest friend from South Africa who is in the US to lead some sort of workshop at the Virginia Seminary. That’s done now and he’s out here in Oklahoma to have a bit of a retreat before heading back home. I don’t know if I want to subject him to you lot but, who knows? 🙂

  8. Listen hear, Nun! If you’ve got Demund Tutu dossing down in your pad for the week, you can bloody well get him to say hello to us.

  9. Not quite. Just an old friend of Desmond’s who used to be a canon at St. George’s Cathedral there in Cape Town. His name is Chris. I’m in my office right now at the Center and Chris is at home – meditating or running (yes, he’s a runner) or something. But I’ll send him over when I see him in a couple of hours. He’s coming here for the 6:00 class this evening.