We pray for the people of Libya. That so many people will die in the world's attempt to rid itself of one evil man is a tragedy only the human race could engineer.



The death toll from Sunday's methane gas explosions in a coal mine in Pakistan's southwestern province of Baluchistan rose to 45 on Monday as hopes faded there would be any survivors from the disaster.



Seven people from the security forces were killed during a demonstration erupted in Darra (Syria). They got killed trying to drive away protestors during demonstration in the town in which people demanded for reforms in Syria.



Nuclear authorities say workers have been evacuated from an area of Japan's troubled nuclear plant after gray smoke was seen coming from one of its reactors. Officials said Monday that no increase in radiation levels has been detected and they are still trying to determine the cause of the smoke. The new threat at the Fukushima nuclear plant came as heavy rain pounded northeastern Japan's earthquake-stricken regions, grounding relief helicopters and prompting increased fears about radiation.


From JCF:

This photo moved/distressed me greatly (bringing back terrible memories from my undergrad research on nuclear weapons, inc the "guinea pic" dogs that were ab-used during tests).

Pray for all the dogs in the path of radiation!



Counting is under way after Haiti's delayed presidential run-off passed off largely peacefully. UN observers and Haitian election officials said turnout appeared to be larger than the chaotic first round, which was marred by violence and fraud. Preliminary results are expected on 31 March with final results not set to be confirmed until 16 April.


From CNN:

A zoo and a nation mourned the death of a beloved animal friend on Monday. Knut the polar bear captured the hearts of the German people, the media and the world, after he was abandoned by his mother at Zoo Berlin in 2007. A zookeeper hand-raised the cub until he was old enough to fend for himself.

The famous polar bear died unexpectedly Saturday in the zoo's polar bear enclosure.

"This bear not only charmed the people of Berlin but also won hearts around the whole world," Frank Bruckmann, chairman of the Zoo Berlin supervisory council, said Sunday.

"Knut was something very special," said Gabriele Thoene, a zoo board member.


From JCF:

Cathy went home to God today (Sunday).

Light eternal grant unto her O Lord. Strengthen those of us she leaves behind, who miss her so much...

We pray for our friend, JCF and all who mourn Cathy's passing. JCF's friendships are sincere and unshakeable, they are true friendships that reflect the love God has for the children of God. I can feel my friend's pain from England.


From Brian:

Jonathan, please add me to the prayer list for Tuesday, March 22. I go before the court trustee for my bankruptcy that morning and I am feeling very, very depressed and scared. There is nothing to be scared about really -- my attorney says it will only last about 15 minutes or so but I have also been told to expect a harsh critical hearing and lots of shaming and hateful questioning. This hearing determines my financial fate for the next 5 years and I feel totally helpless and alone. After going through 4 deaths of co-workers and their family members in the last 4 months (including 2 suicides) and dealing with my own health issues I'm afraid the depression that brought me to this bankruptcy over the last 3 years is going to rear its hideous head again. And things are still pretty awful at work. I am placing my hope in God. There is nothing else at this point.

Many thanks!

You may be helpless at this moment in time, Brian. But you are not alone. Tomorrow lots of other helpless people, your friends at OCICBW..., will be with you and praying for you. Furthermore, from what I understand of these situations, once you are passed the real pain and distress of tomorrow's hearing and decisions have been made on your behalf, you will have an imposed definition in your life that will allow you much peace of mind. I pray, in fact, I believe, that tomorrow will be a beginning rather than an ending. When we lose everything there is only hope in God. From experience I can say that there is something lovely about that. It is difficult to accept at times, I often rail against it, but it has supported the saints over millennia and it will support you. The most important thing when you are learning to swim is to relax and let the water support you. Float on, my friend!


Posted by Sharon at FROM HERE TO INSTANBUL
(A prayer request from Ann Fontaine):

Cristy’s hair is starting to fall out. It’s not that long to begin with – maybe 1/16” – but these little things are showing up on her pillow and the back of her shirt. It’s also quite an operation for her to take a shower. A nurse has to come in and wrap her neck in saran wrap. Literally a big roll of wrap that goes around her neck a couple of time. And then another layer goes over the wrap to seal everything so the catheter doesn’t get wet.

We had a little excitement here early this morning. About 4:15 Cristy had shortness of breath. It was amazing to watch the way staff responded. Within 5 minutes, they had her hooked up to oxygen and 4-5 staff members kept busy figuring out what was happening and making sure she was okay and comfortable. Within 10 minutes, a doctor was here. They said she was experiencing something similar to asthma, and put her on a nebulizer mask of sorts – kind of a darth vader mask. After about an hour they took it off and gave her a simpler oxygen source. This morning that came off after her oxygen rose to an acceptable level. X-ray staff came in this morning and took a chest x-ray in the room just to assure her doctor that nothing else is going on. Her doctor’s not worried but is making sure he covers all bases. Seems to be a minor reaction to one of the drugs they’re pumping into her body.


Please pray for our friend, SONG IN MY HEART, as she continues to explore the possibility that she has a vocation to the priesthood.


Posted by Lois at RAMBLINGS WITH LOIS:

My brother Steve is the human caregiver for a rescued greyhound, King Charles. King Charles has just been diagnosed with Cushings disease. Steve has had more than his fair share of dogs who get killed or get cancer or other health problems. It's only been a year or so ago that Miss Utah died of old age and accompanying health problems. For some readers, he may be "only" a dog, but for me and my brother, these canine friends are family.

UPDATE: King's Cushings is under control with meds, but on top of it all, Steve is recovering from a bad ankle injury which is making it hard to take care of King.
Please keep Steve and King Charles in your prayers.


Posted by Padre Mickey at

I don't do this very often, but please include my cousin Marlene and her daughter Kylee Dresbacy-Hill. They were in a major traffic accident last night. Their SUV was hit by two Big-rigs. They are both in the hospital and we don't know how much damage they sustained.


Please pray for our good friend, Cathy, the Aussie sheila, now based in London, England. She has been suffering from a whole load of niggling health problems over the last couple of months that have worried her and laid her low. It's not just the health thing, she is self-employed and only gets paid when she is working.



Posted by Kirstin at BAREFOOT AND LAUGHING:

Radiation’s been easy on me; much easier to take than chemo. I have one more treatment, on Monday. The hardest thing about it is the steroids. I’m on a low dose, but they wreak havoc with my sleep.

I had my head shaved on Monday, because radiation irritates my scalp so much that I felt like I had fire ants crawling through a Brillo forest on my head.

I wonder how long I’ll feel so invincible? I am so sick, and I feel so well, other than being generally exhausted from not sleeping. If you don’t look where my hair used to be, you’d never know I have stage IV anything. My soft-tissue tumors are covered by my clothes. My eyes look alive. I’ve gained a bit of weight because the steroids make me munchy.

Physically I look well. Spiritually I am well, and that’s obvious too. I am living in the moment. I get to embrace now. I have time, now, to inhabit the moment that I live in. Worry, yes; fear, when I think about how one dies of brain mets. (Unless I win the medical lottery several times over, they will kill me.) But grace, love and joy in every moment I choose to see them. You don’t live like this when you’re physically healthy. I was never this awake to grace.

Yes, I want more time. I know my prognosis, and I don’t want to die. But the quality of now, redeems so much. I’m not asleep anymore. I know that I’m loved. I don’t take time for granted. I’m truly happier than I’ve ever been. A friend says she senses a new peace in me. She’s right. I never had that, before. I seek it now, and I’m loving being here. Would I like to take all these things I’m learning and loving and living in, and go on with a good long life? Yes, in a minute. But I don’t expect to get that. So I take what I know I have, which is this present breath. And I find that I do have time, in this exact now, for real life. Time to breathe, and time to say thank you. Time to walk in love.

It’s grace and gift, and I didn’t do it. I didn’t teach myself this; I never would have thought of it. This only can be God. I turned to God when I was afraid not to. God met me in love.

Thank you all for being with me, loving me and praying with me. Your embrace means more than you know.

If you want to find out how to live, go and read the rest of this post at Kirstin's blog.


Posted by Grandmère Mimi at WOUNDED BIRD:


This is the latest news from her husband, Mike:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
8:18 p.m.

AILEEN TALKED!! Sunday her therapists, knowing I have to take the boys back to Rapid, started working early that morning, so that by the time we get there to say our good byes, she spoke!!!!! She said "Hi Mike" "mom" and "boys"! It took SOO much strain and effort and sounded like a 90 year old smoker, but who cares!! Everyone in the room cried, even the therapists! I love this place!

Aileen is amazing. She is working and fighting so hard. Yes, we have a long way to go, but she is just the girl to do it. She is stronger than any ten men! I dare anyone to say different! God, prayers from each and everyone of you, and the will of a mom. Nothing could be stronger! Thank you all!


Posted by Padre Mickey at

Thirty-three years ago today (Friday) the Lovely Mona and I stood before the pastor of Saratoga Federated Church (kinda sounds like a department store) in Saratoga, California, surrounded by family and friends, and Made Certain Promises. And we're still married, which is great for us! The Lovely Mona returned from California last night so we can be together on our Big Day. Of course, a Friday in Lent isn't the best day for a celebration (St. Cyril of Jerusalem is not a major feast), but we're gonna have a wonderful dinner on Sunday.

Yeah, I loves her even more now than I did all them years ago.


From Mrs Strangelove:

Thanks be to God, Strangelove is home from the hospital and back to being - well, Strangelove. Due to some blood pressure medication that needed to be changed, he fainted in a small bathroom on Friday morning. His head hit the toilet tank and shattered it.

Happy Lent 2,



Posted at THE MIRROR:

They had been given up for dead by virtually everyone. Everyone, that is, except for defiant dad Akira Abe. He clung stubbornly to the desperate hope that his frail mother and teenage son had somehow survived the devastating earthquake and tsunami that brought destruction to Japan. And yesterday – NINE DAYS after the disaster – his faith was rewarded.

Now 80-year-old Sumi Abe and her 16-year-old grandson Jin have become symbols of hope for the entire nation.


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THE PRAYER LIST – 21ST. MARCH 2011 — 7 Comments

  1. I have read all these concerns carefully and “prayed the list”. My heart is heavy with all the pain. My heart also rejoices because of our community of love and prayer.

    May all in need know and feel the sustaining power and consolation of the High and Lofty One who inhabits eternity, whose name is Holy.

  2. Oh, I meant to say above:

    Jonathan, what you said to Brian was pastorally just right. It is an example to us all who are in any kind of pastoral ministry.

  3. I am so grateful for the privilege having this prayer list offers to enter so deeply into the needs of others. Prayers ascend, candle lit, music clip played and prayed. God’s Peace and Blessing on us all.

  4. Thanks, {MP}. Lots.

    …but you see what happens when you go on walkabout? Our prayer needs hit critical mass! Not even Japanese watercannons… [Shutting up now :-X]

    Prayers ascending!!! (Off to light candle)

  5. And once again, I learn of odd goings-on in the Strangelove household via MP.

    Elaine, just be thankful he has a hard head 😉