I have posted a service of Holy Communion for the Second Sunday of Lent over at ST. LAIKA'S. It contains a short sermon and lots and lots of gorgeous music. I needed to do this today as I am feeling a bit low and I think the result is, as they say, satisfactory. Please do give it a listen.

Also, go and catch up on Ellie's wise words over at


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  1. I’m sorry you’re low. I hope the service lifted your spirits. It lifted mine, even though, or even especially since, it was interrupted by the fire alarm going off in the church! (false alarm – some children, playing, someone fell against it and broke the connection and voila. Firemen everywhere.)

    Thenk you, MP.

  2. And thank you so much for the Tanner painting of Jesus and Nicodemus! Beautiful. I love Henry Osawa Tanner. African American painter expatriate – couldn’t get recognition in the U.S. so he went to Europe, as so many African American artists of all sorts did at that time. He spent lots of time in the Holy Land and his paintings of biblical subjects show it. His “Annunciation” and “Angels Appear to the Shepherds” are just stunning.

  3. I know you were not fishing for compliments. I cannot help but say however, that among the many reasons I think a number of hiring committees have erred is the obvious fact that you are a superb liturgist.


  4. Offered for the repose of the soul of Cathy Liddicoat, my friend who passed away yesterday.

    Sleep in light, dear Cathy…

  5. Thanks, Jim. It’s something I really enjoy doing. My secret is to not throw the baby out with the bath water. Something I learned from The 9 0’clock Service at Sheffield was that even the most adventurous expressions of liturgy aimed at the trendiest of young people has to use the stories and language of ancient liturgies to speak to the subconscious. I am most satisfied when I get the balance right between the new and the old.