Father Christian (peace be upon him) has posted a major exposé of the sheer, bare-faced crassness of The Family Firm on his GAFCON blog.

Poor old Bishop Interceptor et al. It's one thing to be attacked by MadPriest, I'm sure they just shrug that off, but to be vilified by that continent-straddling colossus of orthodoxy, Father Christian, must really sting.

"The Story Of My Dissent" posted by colkoch on his blog,
THE OPEN TABERNACLE: HERE COMES EVERYBODY, is a brilliant and personal  piece about the truly sub-standard and controversial, revised missal of the Roman Catholic Church and the real agenda behind its forcing onto the RC faithful. I seriously suggest you go read it and leave colkoch a comment of support. Roman Catholic catholics like him need all the encouragement we can give them as they are the only members of their church who can bring the prayers of the Church for unity to fruition.

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