Yesterday was my wife's birthday and it was brilliant.

We spent the day in the Lake District and the sun shone. Those of you who know the English Lakes will realise what a miracle not getting drenched in the Lake District at this time of year (actually, at any time of year) is.

We went on a ferry across Ullswater and then walked the six odd miles back to the ferry jetty. This might not sound like a long walk but the path was so up and down as it meandered its way along the fellsides surrounding the lake that I think we probably climbed more steep gradients than if we had clambered up Helvellyn in stead. But, such strenuous rambles are Mrs MP's idea of fun and the dogs were certainly not complaining either.

In the evening we sat in the window of a dog-friendly pub overlooking the lake and pigged out on some local produce (which we had probably seen earlier gambolling around the lakeside meadows) cooked to perfection.

The only downside to the trip was the fact that, as it was Mrs MP's special day, I had to drive home which meant I couldn't work my way through the impressive range of fine ales the aforementioned hostelry had for sale. But, never mind, having a happy wife at the end of the day made such sacrifices well worth it.

Here are some photographs:



  1. Happy Birthday, Mrs. MP!! From the pictures it looks like it was the perfect day for it.

    And MP, the sacrifice you made so her day could be perfect is the perfect gift, I think.

  2. A most happy birth anniversary (belated) to Mrs Madpriest and congratulations to Jonathan for being a wonderful hubby. God bless all of you.

  3. A very happy belated birthday wish to Mrs MP. May the year to come be filled with blessings, health and joy, wonderfully good surprises, and love.

  4. Oh, what absolutely gorgeous photos!

    Happy Birthday, Mrs MP – from me and from Leroy, Harriet (cats) and the sweetheart dog, Tara!

    Also, MadPriest, I think you deserve a little bit of time off Purgatory for your noble sacrifice. Yes, indeed.

  5. [Glenna on the left, Delphi on the right?]

    Kisses and (granted) wishes to the Birthday Girl!

    Pretty, pretty pics, MP. Glad you all had a great day.

  6. Oh frabjous day-that-was-yesterday. Caloo Callay to Mrs MP, her hubby and the doggies, too! Hooray!

  7. Happy Birthday Mrs MP. You deserve it. Nice photos. They could be taken in Australia with sun shine like that!

  8. Happy belated birthday, Mrs. MP! What beautiful places to celebrate the day.

  9. Wow, that’s quite a pretty piece of countryside you have there! If we ever get you over in my neck of the woods, I’ll have to take y’all for a “strenuous ramble” in the Texas Hill Country 🙂

    wv: demitze – “when demons have possessed your small cup of espresso”

  10. Texas has hills? Well, I never. Basing one’s entire geographical knowledge on popular American TV programmes is obviously not foolproof then.

  11. Happy birthday to Mrs MP.

    The dogs look rather put out that you didn’t let them herd those sheep.